Do you have QuickBooks File Doctor installed on our system but don’t know how to use it? Then, learn here with us! 

Quickbooks is worldwide popular accounting software. It is used by businesses, specifically small and medium businesses to keep records of their accounts. Thus, one doesn’t need to be an accounting or finance expert and can use the software easily. Similarly, to fix the issue you need not be a technical expert but use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool banner

The QuickBooks File Doctor tool was launched by Intuit in 2012 with the purpose to help users with QuickBooks errors. Earlier the QuickBooks old version did not have any such tool. Hence, it was integrated with 2016 QuickBooks desktop versions and versions came after it. The tool helps in fixing several errors like damaged file error, network error, window registry error, error related to the data manager, H series errors, and many more.

It’s a self-active tool that detects errors and eliminates them instantly. Sounds good, right! So, do you want to know more about the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor? Then, go through the guide and you will learn:

  • How to download QuickBooks file doctor tool?
  • What are the limitations of the tool?
  • What error can it fix? and more.

Let’s get started!


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QuickBooks File Doctor Tool – Definition

Being a QuickBooks user, you must have encountered some errors and issues. If you have some idea you would have fixed it but that’s not always possible. Therefore, to help you with such situations, Intuit designed a tool named QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

It is a simple file repairing tool that helps users to fix the errors that appear while working on the QuickBooks accounting application. The tool helps fix errors quickly on your own. 

If you don’t have the tool integrated with your QuickBooks application, you can simply update it and download the QuickBooks file doctor tool from its official website.

download QuickBooks file doctor image

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Helping with These Errors

An important factor of the File Doctor tool is to know when to use it. That is to have an idea of the errors that can be resolved using the tool. Thus, we have listed the error codes, which you can recognize and get easily fixed.

Damaged Windows registry Error code -6150 Error in updating QuickBooks
Data corruption errors Error code -6000 -82 Firewall port poorly configured
Malware attack hard drive QB Error Code -6000 -305 QB Error 6147, or -6130
QuickBooks database server manager related bugs Error code -6000 -75 QB Error code H505
Unable to open QuickBooks company file Network errors And other 6000 series errors
Missing or blank employee lists etc. Installation errors Multi-user mode errors
Various types of H series error QuickBooks Error H202 Damaged company files

Pre-requisites of QuickBooks File Doctor

These are some prerequisites you should be aware of before you proceed with QuickBooks file doctor download. 

  • Uninstall the previous QBFD tool.
  • Though the QuickBooks version after 2015 packs with an inbuilt file doctor tool, our expert suggests using the external file doctor tool for better recovery of the QuickBooks application.
  • The tool Quickbooks desktop file doctor is only accessible on the QuickBooks desktop windows version.
  • The file doctor tool automatically detects the problem in QuickBooks and appears in the window. To get started with it, you need to tap on the start tab and leave it alone.

Different Versions of QuickBooks File Doctor

There are two different versions of QuickBooks file doctor 2017.

  1. Stand-Alone QBFD Version: The following version is used on the server, for which only the QuickBooks database server manager needs to be installed to host the file.
  2. Built-in QBFD Version: The built-in QBFD version packs with QuickBooks software 2016 and later versions.


Is Your System Compatible with QuickBooks File doctor?

The file doctor tool is integrated with the 2016 QuickBooks version; hence, older versions need to perform compatibility checks before starting the Quickbooks file doctor download.

  • The first compatibility factor of QB File doctor is that it only works with Quickbooks Desktop for Windows versions.
  • The file Doctor tool comes in handy with QuickBooks desktop 2016 and later versions.
  • Aforementioned, it is only available for desktop windows versions hence, it is not compatible with QuickBooks for Mac versions.

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Step-by-Step Procedure to Download QuickBooks File Doctor

Follow the step-by-step procedure to Download QuickBooks file doctor and install it on your system.

  • Start by downloading the Quickbooks Tools Hub.
  • Visit intuit’s official website.
  • Choose the download file that is compatible with your system (32-bit or 64-bit).
  • Now, go to the downloads by pressing the Ctrl + J keys.
  • Double-click on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe

QuickBooksToolHub.Exe image

  • Now, click Yes to accept the license agreement.
  • Thereafter, select Next and start installing by clicking the install option.

QuickBooks tool hub install option image

  • Follow on-screen instructions in order to install the QB tools hubs.
  • Once done, click Finish to end the process.

QuickBooks tool hub installation finish image

TIP: Can’t find the QB tool hubs icon? Go to the search bar on your windows and type Quickbooks Tool’s hub.

QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • After launching the tool Hub, select the Company file issues.

QuickBooks file doctor in Quickboks tool hub image

  • Then click the option “Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.”


Key Points to Know Before Running QB Desktop File Doctor

While you are ready to run any software, you should be aware of its key points. Similarly, in the case of QuickBooks desktop file doctor, there are some key points you should consider before running it.

These are:

  • Ensure you have a strong internet connection and system connected to the power supply.
  • Keep the admin credentials noted because you will need them to access the QB file doctor tool.
  • Make sure you comply with the file size of at least 1.5 GB.
  • Keep only a single version of QuickBooks installed on your computer. Remove if there is more than one QuickBooks version installed.
  • If you have not updated the Quickbooks version by now, then update it to the latest version available on the internet.
  • Last but important, the QB File Doctor tool is available and accessible only on the desktop windows version. It is not compatible with the mac QuickBooks application.

Limitations: QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor Tool

There are some limitations to using the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor Tool mentioned here. These are:

  • The storage capacity of the QuickBooks is less than 2 GB which is a lacking point for it.
  • You need a working internet connection to upload the company file.
  • You can only log in if you have admin credentials (username & password).
  • There is an issue with Network connectivity diagnosis and repair options. That is, it does not work properly if you have installed more than one QuickBooks version.
  • In reference to the Network connectivity diagnosis and repair option only, you may need to download the Database Server Manager, then it may work properly.

How to Run the Quickbooks File Doctor Tool?

Now, if you want to run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, follow these easy steps:

  • Launch the Quickbooks Tool Hub.
  • Go to the company file and select it.

QuickBooks file doctor in Quickboks tool hub image

  • Now, select the QB File Doctor from the options. Wait until the process is completed.

QuickBooks File doctor in QuickBooks tools hub image 2

  • Thereafter, from the Quickbooks File Doctor drop-down menu, select the company file. Let it browse for the file.

QuickBooks file doctor in Quickboks tool hub image 3

  • Along with that, also select the Check the file option and click on continue.
  • Now, enter the QuickBooks admin credentials – username and password and click on Next.

QuickBooks file doctor in Quickboks tool hub image 4

The motive of running the QBFD tool is to eliminate the error and repair it.

Thus, the scan time taken by the tool depends on the file size. It may take 2 minutes or sometimes 5 minutes depending on the case. Once the scan is completed, launch the Quickbooks and open the company file to check if the issue is resolved.

Note that the issue will be resolved even in the case of an unsuccessful scan.

Built-in QuickBooks File Doctor – Basic Information

These are the basic information that may help you understand the tool even better.

  • The file doctor tool is only supported for the QuickBooks desktop versions of the UK, US, and Canada.
  • It helps the QuickBooks user to repair Network and company file errors.
  • It helps in fixing corrupted and damaged company files.
  • The built-in version of Quickbooks supports Windows versions 10, 8, 7, and MS Server 2003-2012.

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QuickBooks File Doctor Stand Alone Version – How to Use it?

Following are the steps to use the QB File Doctor Stand Alone version:

  • First, ensure that you have installed the latest version of the file doctor tool. Or download it from Intuit’s official website.
  • Then, run the latest version of the File Doctor tool.

download qbfd image

  • Now, double-click the icon of the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and complete the installation process.
  • After the tool is installed, you may not find it on the system screen. Thus, open the windows taskbar and locate it.
  • Now, select the Browse option and identify the damaged company file.
  • After you find the file, start the QuickBooks file diagnostics to fix any errors.

browse damaged file

  • Here, you will get two options from the file doctor tool window; select any of these that matched the issue on your QuickBooks application.

It’s easy to choose with the explanation provided with the options.

  • Case I: If you received a 6000 series error or the company is damaged, pick the first option.
  • Case II: If you have issues related to the network then pick the second option.

Repair company file image

  • After that, if you are prompted to provide the company file Admin password, enter and click Next.
  • Moving on to the next step, select any of the two options to continue diagnosing and fixing the error.
    • Server Option: If you want to diagnose and troubleshoot issues on the QuickBooks client system, then select this option.
    • Workstation Option: The option is suitable when you want to diagnose and troubleshoot a client’s system.

Note: Company System means the file is not stored or hosted in that system.

  • When you have selected an option:
    • Click Yes if you are working on the QuickBooks Server/host otherwise select No if you are working on a workstation.
  • Now, wait for the Quickbooks File Doctor tool to repair the company files automatically.

process of reparing company file

The time of resolving an error on the company file depends on various factors such as the company file size, network speed, and the complexity of the error. Thus, keep patience until the process is finished.

Once the entire process is finished, make sure you close the File Doctor tool. Then, irrespective of the results, positive or negative, open the company file to see if the issue is resolved.


These are the basic information that may help you understand the tool even better.

  • The file doctor tool is only supported for the QuickBooks desktop versions of the UK, US, and Canada.
  • It helps the QuickBooks user to repair Network and company file errors.
  • It helps in fixing corrupted and damaged company files. Further, it is not required to install on the system.
  • The built-in version of Quickbooks supports Windows versions 10, 8, 7, and MS Server 2003-2012.
  • In case the .NET framework 2.0 is not available on your system then also the QBFD tool will make sure it installs via the diagnostic tool.

QuickBooks File Doctor Built-In Version – How to Use it?

Another category of Quickbooks desktop File Doctor tools is the built-in version in QuickBooks. It is an integrated tool in Quickbooks versions that comes after 2015.

It automatically detects the errors and fixes them on its own. All you need to do is just permit it by pressing the start button.

Here is the detailed process to use the built-in version of the File doctor tool:

  • First, launch the Quickbooks but do not open the company file yet.
  • Now, go to the File menu and select the Utility option.
  • Then, select the repaired file option to run the QBFD.
  • Thereafter, move to the browse option and then select the company file that you want to repair.
  • After selecting it, hit the Open button.
  • Moving forward, you need to select the type of fix from the Show Advanced Settings Window.
  • Select the Next option.
  • Going to the next step, enter the administrator ID and password.
  • Select Next.
  • Once the diagnosis process is about to end, try to open the company file once again.

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Scenarios that May Occur While Using QB File Doctor

While you use the File Doctor too, there are three significant scenarios that you may come across. In each scenario, you may be required to take a different action. What’s that? Learn below:

Scenario 1: QB file Doctor does not detect any issue

The first scenario you may encounter is that the QuickBooks file doctor 2017 does not detect any error. It can be a technical glitch, thus, you need to confirm if it’s working properly. That is you may:

  • Log in again to the company file
  • Set up the Auto Recovery Data tool.

And then, enter the transactions from the last backup you created.

Scenario 2: QB File Doctor detects an error but can’t fix it!

Anter scenario that you may come across is that the File Doctor tool detects an issue in your QuickBooks application. However, the tool does not perform up to the mark, when it comes to fixing the error.

In such a scenario, it is suggested to use the Auto Data Recovery tool. Further, enter the transaction data manually from the last backup you have created.

Scenario 3: QB File Doctor diagnoses and fix an issue

This is the last and most favorable outcome expected from the Quickbooks file doctor tool. In this scenario, the tool detects an issue, and when the process ends you are required to click on “Open new company”.

What’s Next After Repairing QuickBooks? 

Coming here, you are done with the process of diagnosing and repairing the QuickBooks. As a result, you have successfully used the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor tool.

Moving to the final step you have to back up the Quickbooks company file data. Later, copy the backup data to a removable hard drive.


That adds an extra layer to your data.

Therefore, creating a monthly data backup and keeping it in a hard drive provide extra security. Further, you may use the backup files in the future whenever needed.

Besides that, don’t forget to pick these bonus tips in case your file doctor is not working.

File Doctor is not working: 

Sometimes while preparing to use the QBFD, an error “file doctor is not working” appears. The error comes while diagnosing the company file. But, there are some other cases when the error may occur, these are:

  • While trying to update the company file.
  • Forget to install a company file at the time of installation.
  • When unable to restore the company files.
  • Presence of corrupted or damaged company files.

In these cases, follow solutions as mentioned below: 

  • First, try restoring the backup of the Quickbooks file.
  • Then, use the Auto Data Recovery tool in order to resolve the issue of QBFD not working.
  • The last resort you may try is to tweak the antivirus settings and turn off the hosting mode.

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Summing up!

Quickbooks as always caters to its users’ needs on the priority level. One of the best examples we have seen so far is the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. It offers ease of use and provides instant help to users to encounter Quickbooks errors. Thus, through this detailed guide, we hope you make the best use of the QBDF tool.

Nonetheless, there are chances that you may be stuck with an error that the tool is unable to help. Or, you get stuck with any step, don’t get troubled! We Are here to assist you 24×7. Our Quickbooks technical support team works tirelessly to provide users with the best experience with QuickBooks. They are certified technicians aspiring to help users with QuickBooks errors. Hence, if you ever need any suggestions or any help, feel free to connect with our Quickbooks error support.