How Quickbooks Simple Start is a Cakewalk? (For Beginners)

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Quickbooks Simple Start

Are you wondering- What is a QuickBooks Simple Start? How to access it? No worries! Here, in this post, you’ll learn about its features, utilities, and how to set it up on your system? 

QuickBooks Simple Start is another version of QuickBooks online. However, it can also operate as a QuickBooks Simple Start Desktop version. This is specifically designed for single users, such as gig workers, solo entrepreneurs, and freelancers. 

Quickbooks Simple Start

Lately, QuickBooks is also offering a 50% discount on a three-month subscription. And, if you want to experience the tool before you purchase it, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial. 

So, if you’re new to the business, QuickBooks Online Simple Start can be your true companion. Let’s discuss it more. 


What Is QuickBooks Online Simple Start?

Quickbooks Online Simple Start is the easiest and simplest accounting and bookkeeping software. It allows single users to manage their income and expenses in one simple tool. Besides, you can perform various other tasks with this tool. It includes: 

  • Invoice customers
  • Connect your bank and credit card accounts
  • Track sales tax
  • Run basic financial statements 
  • Connect with your accountant 


Who Can Benefit From QuickBooks Online Simple Start? 

This version of QuickBooks is beneficial for single business owners. 

  • First, those who want to manage and track their bank and credit card transactions.
  • Second, those who don’t want to use it to manage bills and schedule payments. 

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Quickbooks Simple Start Interface: An Overview

There are a couple of benefits you can enjoy with this tool. For beginners, QuickBooks Simple Start offers a variety of features. These are:  

Tracking Income & Expenses:

The software Simple Start Quickbooks assists you with your transactions. It records all your income and expenses within QuickBooks. Also, sort out all your transactions connected to your bank account and categorize them for tax categories. 


Capture & Organize Receipts

Another impressive feature of Simple Start QuickBooks is detecting snaps. It means when you take a screenshot of your expense or receipt, it automatically detects it. And categorize it under your expenses.


Maximize Tax Deductions

This feature sorts all your expenses into the correct tax categories. It helps you manage your income and save your earnings. You can also download a report of your taxes. 


Invoice & Accept Payments

With this feature, you can receive credit cards and bank transfers directly from an invoice or by email. To your ease, you can even convert these payments into invoices and email them to the customers. 


Track Miles

With the QuickBooks Simple Start app, you can track business miles on your smartphone. After it tracks from start to finish, you can categorize the trip accordingly.


Run Basic Reports

You can explore various reports of your business, which include profit and loss reports. Furthermore, you can learn about sales, spending, and other essential parts of it separately. And can take advantage of an easy-to-use dashboard. 


Send Estimates

This feature lets you create custom estimates, which can then be converted into invoices. 


Track Sales And Sales Tax

This feature automatically calculates sales tax for all your credit card payments received. 


Manage 1099 Contractors

This feature of Simple Start Quickbooks maintains your 1099s. It automatically uploads them at the time of filing it. 

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How to Set Up QuickBooks Online Simple Start?

The process of running QuickBooks Online Simple Start is easy and quick. You can access it anywhere from any device. 

Here’s how to set up QuickBooks Online Simple Start:

  • To begin, open QuickBooks Simple Start. 
  • Then, tap Next in the interview pop-up box. 
  • Now, enter your company name and other essential details.
  • Select an identity form from these options: 
    • Sole Proprietorship
    • LLC
    • S corporation
    • Corporation
    • Non-profit
  • Now, mention the manner in which your company would bill its customers.
  • After that, click Next
  • Name the company file to complete the process. 

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Why Opting for Quickbooks Simple Start Is Your Best Choice?

If you’re still confused, should you opt for this tool? Here you’ll learn why not? All these factors refer to the ease of use of this tool. That makes it the user’s first choice. 

  1. Easy to set up: The software comes with a guide for initial setup, and interface guidance tools such as text that links to FAQs and customer support. 
  2. Use form anywhere: Another fascinating feature is that you can access it from anywhere. All you need is a stable and strong internet connection. 
  3. Easy access from multiple devices: you can use its app on your smartphone. Access it from other web browsers,& OS Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.
  4. Import essential data: Concerning point 2, if you have the internet, you can easily access your financial and accounting data with this version. 
  5. Quick navigation: It’s easy to navigate as it provides quick links to important parts of the software. Thai includes invoices, expenses, customer lists, banking, and reports.
  6. Least Expensive Software: It’s the cheapest of all QuickBooks versions. This typically starts from $20/month and offers discounts on several occasions. 
  7. Access latest transactions: It has a window that is dedicated to the latest transactions of your business. 
  8. Use as QuickBooks Simple Start Desktop: In addition to online and phone access, you can use it on your desktop. 


Since it’s the basic software for accounting and bookkeeping. It lacks some features that come in its advanced version. 

  • Unlike other versions of QuickBooks, you can’t import your financial and accounting data. 
  • It doesn’t provide many of the features that are required for day-to-day activities.
  • Since it’s an online version, you can’t access it without the internet. 
  • It doesn’t provide 24×7 customer support or live chat. However, you can contact them at a specific time or read the FAQs section for help.
  • You can’t automate or schedule your invoices.

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Summing Up the Post: 

It’s such a great tool for any beginner. QuickBooks Simple Start lets you access it at an affordable price with an impressive feature. You can operate your payroll functions, and sales tax, manage income and expenses and access it anywhere on different devices. Nonetheless, if you have any remaining doubts or face any QuickBooks issues; feel free to contact us. Our experts are available for help 24×7.