How to Recover from QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0?

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If you are operating QuickBooks software for your company’s payroll and accounting management, then you must have encountered QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0. Facing this error during operating the software is very common. The reason for this may differ. This error can stop your accounting work and can take a long time to operate if it is facing regular issues.

The QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0 occurs when the user makes an original company file in the software. The error can also occur when you have already opened the accessible file. So here are the suggested steps to overcome this error. And in case, you find any difficulty, then contact QuickBooks Technical Support. Experts will give you the best solution to your problem by giving you the best tips and tricks.

Why QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0 Occur?

There are different causes why you meet with this Error 6129 0 in QuickBooks. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  1. Smashed Network Data file.
  2. Third-party antivirus.
  3. The incongruity between the domain of the client and the server.
  4. Updating company file to the current version of QuickBooks Desktop using Non-Window
  5. Administrator profile.

Step by Step Guide to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6129

There are a lot of troubleshooting steps to fix this error. Before proceeding to the steps, confirm that all computers in your QuickBooks installation have been upgraded to the current QuickBooks release.

1. Sign in to Windows as an Administrator

Try opening another company file. You have to sign in to Windows as an Administrator to upgrade your company file. In case, you do not have an Administrator login, go to support for Windows or an IT Professional for help.

2. You can do this solution when you practice Easy-Step Interview

  • Hit on“ Leave” when you are In the Easy-Step Interview.
  • A message of “Save the file?” will pop up. Click on the “Yes” option.
  • Write a file name and then hit on the “save” option.

3. If you access Safe Mode on Windows, inactivate antivirus and other software

  • Start your computer in the Safe mode.
  • Deactivate your antivirus software.
  • Make the new company file.
  • Restart your computer in normal mode.
  • Lastly, open QuickBooks and the company file.

4. Change the name of the QuickBooks Network Descriptor (.nd) files.

  • Look at your hard drive on your computer that the QuickBooks file folder for files named .nd.
  • Rename the file, after that right-click on the .nd file with a former name of the company file and select rename.
  • Write.OLD at the end of the file name and then hit Enter on your computer.
  • If you use the same company file on multiple computers, perform the next steps. If you access QuickBooks only on one computer, you can open the company file now.
  • Click on the Windows Start button and select Programs followed by QuickBooks and then click on QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Choose the Scan Folders option.
  • You can create the new company file by just clicking on the Add folder.
  • Hit on the “Scan” option.
  • Dab “Close” when the scan is done.
  • At last, open the company file.

5. Make another folder and move the QuickBooks company files.

  • Make another new folder.
  • Change the QuickBooks company files to the recently created folder.
  • If you are using QuickBooks on one computer, it is tranquil to open the QuickBooks company file using the new folder.
  • But, if you are accessing the same file on a multi-system, you have to perform the next step.
  • Hit the Windows start button of Windows and choose Programs followed by QuickBooks and at last QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Go for the “Scan” option.
  • If there is no other folder that comprehends the company file, hit on the “Add Folder” option to add it.
  • Click on the “Scan” option.
  • When the scan is completed, hit on the “Close” option.
  • At last, open the QuickBooks company file.

6. Confirm that all the computer system is working on one domain

You should get in touch with a Network Administrator or an IT professional to add your computer systems to the domain.

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If still the issue persists, contact QuickBooks Support. Experts will deal with your issue and try to solve it as soon as possible. These experts are Intuit’s Certified Professionals, ready to serve their customers with their skills and knowledge. So place an instant call and get outstanding service.