3 Methods for QuickBooks Remote Access

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3 Methods for QuickBooks Remote Access

QuickBooks provides so many services to its users. One such service is QuickBooks Remote Access. With it, users can easily access their QuickBooks remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. Remote Access makes multiple users’ accessibility easy. These multiple users can perform any task without wasting effort and time; thus, it is the leading software. 

The main reason for being so famous among QuickBooks users is that users just need a remote login, by which they can access QuickBooks remotely from anywhere. There is no need to go to the business and log in to QuickBooks. After the pandemic, this QuickBooks Remote Access became the most popular program, as they can operate it from home. With the help of this blog, we will provide you with different ways to access QuickBooks remotely. Before starting, let’s know about the remote access QuickBooks.


What is QuickBooks Remote Access?

QuickBooks Desktop remote access is a simple process to process the QuickBooks Desktop through a secured server on the web from the system. This helps the users to access their emails, documents, and other essential data without carrying it physically. 

Multiple users can easily access documents and files from different locations with remote access. It reduces the cost of travel and office expenses. It also allows the users to work on the same project with the managers and team leaders and track their co-worker’s activities. 

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Why is There a Need for QuickBooks Remote Access?

In today’s digital era, organizations are also becoming digital. They reduce their office spaces and provide the employees with working-from-home facilities. And after the pandemic attack, it is common to work from home. So, for the users and employees seeking, companies allow working remotely on QuickBooks across the globe. With this, you can easily get access to any QuickBooks, like QuickBooks Enterprise remote access. This makes it easy for the users to share the file and work on it simultaneously, reflecting the real-time changes. They can easily drag and drop the files between the systems. It makes accounting work easier, like printing documents on the office printer from their computer.

Now, let’s proceed to access QuickBooks remotely.


How to Access QuickBooks Remotely?

There are three ways to access QuickBooks remotely. Each way is different from the other one. Each method is according to the user’s requirements, having its pros and cons. Let’s start


QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a web-based version of QuickBooks Desktop software. It works as same as the Quickbooks Desktop does. To access QuickBooks from anywhere, you just need a strong internet connection, which is necessary for sharing the file. For QuickBooks Remote Access, QuickBooks Online is available on the SaaS model. Users can access the QBO from any device with its subscription. This is best for those users who are traveling on a regular basis. It also helps freelancers and solo businesses use the QuickBooks Desktop to create invoices and other accounting activities. If you have a heavy workload, then you should go for the QuickBooks Desktop over the Online one. 

  • Easy sharing of QuickBooks data files among multiple users.
  • Users can easily chat with their co-workers.
  • The data will be secure without any backup requirements.


QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

Another method for QuickBooks Access remotely is to download QuickBooks Remote Access Tool. That helps the users to access their QuickBooks from any other system and a strong internet connection. It is an add-on product of Intuit that works on the Cisco WebEx Technology. It is a cloud-based web and video conferencing service by which users can easily share their video screens with each other. Moreover, it can connect through a remote machine where the QuickBooks Desktop program is installed. With the Remote Access Tool, you can easily access the data file, print the documents without being there, and copy folders between the local and remote machines. 

With this QuickBooks Remote Accessing method, users can easily see what the other users are doing on the other computer but on a subscription basis. There is more security with the tool, and you need some permission to access QuickBooks and its files.

  • Compatible for printing the documents being in the remote machine.
  • Provides high security for the documents.
  • It also has better integration and compatibility. 


QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

The following method for QuickBooks Remote Access is via QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. Intuit provides this on a subscription basis for its users, unlike purchasing QuickBooks with a one-time payment. You will get the same user interface as the physical QuickBooks Desktop installed on the system, which behaves similarly. With QuickBooks Cloud Hosting, you will get the feel of the Windows Operating system. It has low cost, can be easily used by the users, and it also backup and restores the QuickBooks data. Moreover, the users easily access QuickBooks from their mobile. 

  • It provides unlimited data storage for QuickBooks files.
  • Users can operate it from anywhere and with any device.
  • Improved Collaboration. 

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How to Get QuickBooks Remote Access?

To access the QuickBooks Desktop remotely, the following are the steps: 

  1. Firstly, go to the Intuit QuickBooks official website and log in to your account.
  2. Secondly, choose the Box next to the nickname of the defined computer and click on Connect from the Action column.
  3. Now, provide the Password and authorize your system; you can do the same with the phone verification.
  4. After that, click on Remote Access.
  5. At last, click on “End the Session.”

After getting all the information about Remote QuickBooks Access, the difficult one is choosing the best from the above. We are here to help you; in the following section, you will get the perfect method for remote access.


Which is Best for QuickBooks Remote Access?

Well, the three are the best in their own circumstances, but if we talk about the best, then go for the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. When you host the QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud, you get more benefits than the other two methods. Some of the cloud hosting are mentioned below: 

  • You will get fast access to QuickBooks files as there is no traffic like QuickBooks Online.
  • Multi-user can access QuickBooks same time.
  • QuickBooks Online is managed by Intuit, whereas the primary user mainly manages Cloud Hosting. 
  • To select packages, users get more space with cloud hosting.
  • As the QuickBooks Remote Access Tool is a program that needs installation, but cloud hosting doesn’t need it.
  • There is no limit to users’ add-ons; you can add your choice as it is a cloud-based service, whereas QuickBooks Online provides a limited add-on. 


Finishing Up

Accessing the QuickBooks Desktop is a good initiative when you are not in the office or have to travel on a regular basis. It provides access to your QuickBooks data and files and can initiate the accounting work. So, we provide the three methods for QuickBooks Remote Access. You can choose according to your choice. But we recommend you to go for the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting; we also mention the benefits of choosing it above. Our representatives are 24×7 available if you have any concerns about accessing the QuickBooks Desktop Remotely. You can contact with expert QuickBooks technical support services.