Looking forward to purchasing a QuickBooks Enterprise subscription? Before you do so, we suggest you review the product, its pricing, and also a comparison of its various packages. Luckily, you don’t need to do more digging into the web as all of these things are mentioned here only.

In this guide, you will find complete details about the software, from its pros and cons to its pricing along with the comparison between its various plans. Let’s now waste any time and get started with our QuickBooks Enterprise full guide right away.


QuickBooks Enterprise Pros and Cons

Why Should You Buy QuickBooks Enterprise?

  1. There are plenty of features that you can take full benefit of.
  2. Multiple integrations
  3. Offers Double-entry accounting
  4. Reliable customer support service offered by intuit
  5. Enables you to set strong permissions

What are the Cons?

  1. Yearly subscription-based plans that are very costly
  2. Not an ideal choice for small businesses
  3. Can be used on Desktop only, no mobile support
  4. No big learning curve

Overview of the Product

According to Intuit, QuickBooks Enterprise aims to provide the best accounting software leaving behind all the other products that have ever been made. QuickBooks Enterprise is said to deliver six times the capacity of other QB software.

The QuickBooks Enterprise software was launched in 2020 by Intuit and since then it has received many updates making it even better. The product comes in seven different versions one is the Standard Edition and then six others are industry-specific editions. The industry-specific editions of QB Enterprise include, Contractor, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Manufacturing and Wholesale, Retail and Accountant.

The best thing about QuickBooks Enterprise is that you won’t need to change to a full ERP solution as you are getting almost all the accounting feature sets in one place. There are three subscription plans Silver, Gold, and Platinum all with yearly based subscriptions. If you need advanced inventory features in your accounting software, you can go with the platinum plan, or choose the Silver one if you are only interested in a few services like built-in payroll, etc. another thing about this QuickBooks software is that it offers decent QuickBooks Customer Support, unlike other QB products. You can also find many helpful resources whenever you feel like you need help.

QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to add up to 40 users that are a plus point if compared to other QB products. However, the downside is that it is quite expensive and the prices have increased even more recently.  For such an expensive accounting software, we expect much stronger project management, invoicing, importing features, and time tracking that are quite lacking here.

Continue reading to learn more about the software by comparing its various versions and plans and find out if it is worth buying or not.

Pricing Plans of QuickBooks Enterprise

As far as the pricing is concerned of the said software, we consider it very expensive. QuickBooks Enterprise offers three different plans each of which can be either subscribed on a monthly or annual basis. Depending on the type of subscription, your software license will expire after every month or year. Also, the pricing differs according to the number of users you have. The more users, the more benefit you can get from it. For example, the most modest plan of the software will cost you around $1,577 for a year, however, if you take the same plan for 10 users you can get it at as cheap as $5,000. You can also check the QuickBooks website for offers and take a free tour for each QB Enterprise plan.

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Plan

You can buy the Gold plan of QB Enterprise starting from $1,577/year for a single user. The plan includes all the necessary features and services an accounting software should have from invoicing to built-in enhanced payroll.

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Plan

The platinum plan of QB Enterprise includes all the features and services as QB Enterprise gold plan plus Advanced Inventory and Advanced item pricing. The QB platinum plan will cost you $1,940/year for a single user.

QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond Plan

The QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond plan is the flagship version of the said software that is also the most expensive one. It includes all the services and features of the Platinum plan along with an Assisted payroll and TSheets Elite. The plan pricing starts at $3,825 per year for a single user.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Plans

You can also purchase monthly hosting plans for QuickBooks Enterprise. These plans include the features as mentioned above depending on the plan you have selected although here you also get automatic upgrades and data recovery features as a plus point. The QB Enterprise Gold with hosting plan is priced $175/month for a single user, platinum at $206/month, and the Diamond at $363.79 per month per user.

QuickBooks Enterprise Add-Ons

When you buy a QuickBooks Enterprise plan, you also get an Intuit Field Management subscription for a single user for free.

Is QB Enterprise Locally Installed Program or a Cloud-Based product?

QB Enterprise is a locally installed software however there are certain features like payroll that require internet access. Interested users can also purchase the could hosting at an additional cost. To do so, you first need to sign up for QB Enterprise and then purchase the Hosting monthly subscription plans. Alternatively, you can also use Remove Desktop Services to host the program on your server.

What about Security?

This should be your first concern above all for security matters the most when all your company data is to be stored in the software. Well, we consider QB Enterprise as secure as you can keep it as it all depends on you. Because it is a locally installed software unless you are using QuickBooks Hosting. You can enable automatic backups and store them on your external driver for safety.

What Do You Need To Use QuickBooks Enterprise?

QB Enterprise Minimum Software Requirements

The QB Enterprise software is only compatible with Windows PC with Windows 8.1 Update 1 or Windows 10. You can also use the software on Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, or 2019.

QB Enterprise Minimum Hardware Requirements

  1. 4 GHz processor or above
  2. A minimum RAM of 4GB although 8GB is recommended for the best experience
  3. At least 2.5GB free disk storage
  4. 4x DVD ROM driver needed for CD installation
  5. Active internet connection
  6. A minimum of 1280×1024 screen resolution

The product can be used on multiple monitors. To use some features, you need Microsoft Office or a compatible email. Before you purchase the product, check out the complete system requirement list from the QuickBooks website.

If you are to buy the QuickBooks Hosting plan, know that it requires a different set of system requirements. Do check the same from QuickBook’s official portal.

QuickBooks Enterprise User Reviews


  1. Very Costly – Even the smallest version of QuickBooks Enterprise starts from $1,577 per year per user.
  2. Steep Learning Curve – One needs to give it some time and learn to use the product properly
  3. Extremely Flexible – While this should be considered a plus point, many users complain that due to this it becomes very easy for anyone to adjust past transactions
  4. Weak Customer Support (Although Better than other QB products)
  5. Bugs & Crashes – There are plenty of complaints about the software crashing suddenly, about the slow performance, and other bugs and glitches.


  1. Easy To Use – besides having a steep learning curve, many users consider the software easy to use.
  2. Good Feature Set – Inventory Costing, Custom Reporting, and job costing seems to be the most loved features of the users.
  3. Great Customer Service – despite the complaints above, many people have discussed their good experiences with QuickBooks Enterprise customer service.
  4. Strong Integrations – QB Enterprise offers plenty of useful integrations which is its plus point.