QuickBooks Download, Install and Update – A Detailed Guide

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QuickBooks is a highly efficient accounting and bookmarking program for small and medium-sized firms. The software developed by Intuit can manage everything from payroll functions to automatic tax facilities, among others. Additionally, Inuit has integrated various useful functionalities into the software in recent years. It includes capabilities like remote payroll assistance and mapping features. However, individuals and firms often have various doubts regarding the QuickBooks download and installation process.

In this entire article, you will read about the exact process of downloading and installing all versions of QB Desktop.


The Process of QuickBooks Download (for All Versions)

It’s not challenging to download QuickBooks Desktop. On the contrary, the process is quite straightforward and time-effective. To effectively download, install, and activate the software, you must adhere to this four-step process.


1. Check The System Requirements

Check The System Requirements

Before you download the software, you must ensure that your system meets the basic requirements. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it effectively. These requirements are as follows:

  • You must have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 versions that Microsoft supports.
  • Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, or 2019.
  • A 2.4 GHz processor.
  • There must be 4 GB RAM (8 GB will be better).
  • 2.5 GB of disk space. More is needed for data files. 60 MB space is required for Microsoft .NET 4.6 run time.
  • Windows must be natively installed. It implies that it must be installed in a system for which it is developed.
  • Steady internet connectivity.
  • 1280 X 1024 screen resolution or more than that with at least two extended monitors. For better performance and accuracy, it should be optimized well for default DPI (dots per linear inch) settings.
  • Browser requirement is Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit)

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Software Compatibility For QuickBooks Desktop

Once you download QuickBooks, it is possible to integrate it with several apps. Here are the requirements for its integration with other software.

  • MS Word and Excel integration demand Office 2013-2019 or Microsoft Office 365 (32 and 64-bit).
  • Forms like invoices and email estimates can be integrated with MS Outlook 2013-2019.
  • MS 365 Outlook.com, Gmail, and other email clients that support SMTP servers require integration with QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) 19.0.


2. Download QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks desktop download requires you to adhere to a set of instructions. These are as follows.

  • Head over to the official Intuit website.
  • Choose the version of QB Desktop you wish to download. There are three versions: QuickBooks Desktop, Enterprise, Pro, and Premier. On the site, you can find the prices of all these versions.

Download QuickBooks

  • Tap the version you want to download.

QuickBooks download

  • Fill in your credit or debit card details to complete the payment process.
  • Now, you’ll be able to view your license and product code. Check your email to see the confirmation message.
  • You’ll also be able to view the ‘Download QuickBooks’ button. Tap it.


Download QuickBooks Desktop

  • Browse the location where you wish to save the program.
  • Lastly, tap ‘Save‘ to begin the download process. It will take some time to finish.

NOTE: It’s possible that the version of QuickBooks you are looking for isn’t available to download. It can happen because you are looking for a version has too old. Older software isn’t compatible with the newer systems. So, Intuit doesn’t offer download or support for older versions.

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3. Install QuickBooks Desktop

After completing the QuickBooks Desktop download, the next step is to install it. But before that, ensure that you have your product and license number ready.

Install QuickBooks Desktop

  • Launch the QuickBooks.exe file.
  • Adhere to the instructions that you see on your screen. Accept the license agreement and choose ‘Next.’
  • Input your Product and License numbers and choose ‘Next.’

When it comes to install QuickBooks Desktop, you have two options. These include express install for first-time users and custom and network install for those setting a multi-user network.


A. Express Install

Express Install

You should use this option in the following cases.

  • You are a first-time QB user.
  • You are re-installing the software.
  • You will use QB on a single computer rather than a part of a computer network.

Here are the steps for carrying out the express installation.

  1. Choose ‘Express‘ followed by ‘Next.’
  2. Now opt for ‘Install.’
  3. When the install completes, choose ‘Open QuickBooks.’


B. Custom and Network Install

Custom and Network Install

This option is suitable in the following cases:

  • You are installing QB at a place other than its default one, for instance, on a server.
  • You are hosting company files on the server.
  • You are establishing a multi-user network.

Follow these steps for custom and network install of QuickBooks Desktop.

   Choose ‘Custom and Network Options’ followed by ‘Next.’

Custom and Network Install

  1. Pick the option that explains the way you’ll utilize QuickBooks.
  2. In the succeeding screen, opt for ‘Change the install location.
  3. Select ‘Browse‘ to place the QuickBooks folder at a specific location.
  4. Now select ‘Next‘ to kickstart the install process.
  5. Lastly, choose ‘Open QuickBooks‘ when the installation ends.
  6. Activate QuickBooks Desktop

Before starting to work on QB, it’s necessary to activate it. QuickBooks will give a prompt for activation. However, you can also manually activate the software by going through these steps.

  • Launch QuickBooks, and go to the ‘Help‘ menu.
  • Choose ‘Activate QuickBooks Desktop.’
  • Adhere to the steps onscreen to verify your data.


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How to Update QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks updates allow you to keep your software up-to-date with all the current features and fixes. There are two ways to update QB. You can do it automatically or manually.


1. Update QuickBooks automatically

Update QuickBooks automatically

After QuickBooks download and installation, you can set up automatic updates. Follow these steps to configure QB to update itself automatically.

  • Navigate the ‘Help‘ menu, and choose ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop.’
  • Next, go to the ‘Update Now’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Get Updates‘ to begin the download.
  • Restart QuickBooks after the download ends.
  • Accept the option to install the current release when prompted for it.


2. Update QuickBooks Manually

Update QuickBooks Manually

You can also manually update QuickBooks. To download the current updates through this method, follow these steps.

  • Exit company file and QuickBooks.
  • Launch the Windows ‘Start‘ menu.
  • Right-click the icon of QB and choose ‘Run as administrator.’
  • Navigate to the Help menu on the No Company Open screen. Here, choose ‘Updates QuickBooks Desktop.’
  • Navigate to the ‘Options’ tab, and choose ‘Mark All.’ Then, choose’ Save.’
  • Head over to the ‘Update Now‘ tab and choose the ‘Reset Update’ checkbox.
  • Lastly, select ‘Get Updates.’
  • After updates end, exit and reopen QuickBooks Desktop. Select ‘Yes‘ to install the updates.
  • Restart your system after the installation ends.

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QuickBooks Download for Different Versions

Various QuickBooks versions are available for you to download. Here is a brief overview of each one of them.

  • QuickBooks 2009 and 2010 – Businesses wanting to track their income and expenses can download QuickBooks 2009 and 2010. It enables the addition of several list entries, and document management, and you can access the report centre as well.
  • QuickBooks 2011 – You can also download and install QuickBooks 2011 (Pro, Premier, Mac, and Accountant). You can explore features like batch invoicing, paid customer invoices, data protection, monitoring stock, and the like.
  • QuickBooks 2012 – Small businesses can leverage QuickBooks 2012 Pro, Mac, Premier, and Accountant. You can download QuickBooks Desktop and manage tax and personal finances. Thus, it allows for effective decision making.
  • QuickBooks 2013 – QuickBooks 2013 Pro, Mac, Premier, and Accountant come with many new functionalities and better performance. You can use several features like streamlined workflow navigation, synchronization of journal entries, and QB ribbon.
  • Download QuickBooks 2014 – This version has a plethora of accounting-based functionalities for small and medium-sized businesses to witness growth. Using it, you can track expenditure, inspect reports for bounced cheques and use upgraded email features.
  • QuickBooks 2015 – This version has receipt tracking, payments, and invoices functionalities. You can also download QuickBooks Enterprise for Mac and leverage functionalities like multi-user mode and the addition of vendors and customers.
  • QuickBooks 2016 – QuickBooks 2016 Pro, Accountant, Enterprise, and Premier offers several features that meet the varying accounting needs. You can either download this version using the steps given above or upgrade to it.
  • QuickBooks 2017 – QuickBooks Desktop 2017 has scheduled reports, intelligent search, multi-user mode, and feature tours. QuickBooks Accountant even allows you to process several invoices, rectify sales tax errors and recategorize transactions.
  • QuickBooks 2018 – You can carry out QuickBooks download of this version and use features like multi-monitor support, merging vendor records, and payroll reminders.
  • QuickBooks 2019 – QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Accountant, or Premier 2019 will help you track your invoices and payments efficiently. Each addition will provide you with extra features to explore.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 – By downloading QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Enterprise 2020, small businesses can easily add customer PO numbers and merge several emails. You can get reminded of customer payments. With its Premier version, you can collaborate with five users.
  • QuickBooks 2021 – QuickBooks Enterprise 2021, Pro Plus, and Pro 2021 have an intuitive dashboard that allows you to track invoices, sales, and payments. You can also find functionalities like automated statements, receipt management, bank feeds, and the like.


What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022

The latest launch from QuickBooks, QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022, offers various new features to its users. The major ones include the following:

  • More computing power – The Pro Plus contains enhanced utilization of the 64-bit processors to enhance performance. It is 38% faster than the previous versions. Thus, it leads to the maintenance of smooth third-party integrations.
  • Faster scheduling and bill payment – You can download QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022 and benefit from time efficiency by scheduling and paying bills. It allows financial flexibility as you can pay vendors through bank transfers or cards and send the money through a bank transfer or physical check.
  • Upload bills through the desktop mobile appQB Desktop app allows you to automate bill entries and save time. You only need to take a photo, import it, and review it.
  • Attach documents to transactions quickly – You can attach documents quickly by directly uploading them through the QB Desktop mobile app. It is even possible to attach various documents in a single go.
  • Email customizable bill payment stubs – Gain time efficiency by instantly emailing bill payment stubs to one or more than one vendor at a single time. Thus, you can maintain consistent communication.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus subscription work?

QB Desktop Pro Plus is a yearly subscription. It consists of unlimited support, yearly upgrades, and data backups. You can also access QuickBooks Desktop mobile app with it.

The subscription auto-renews with your credit card on file.


2. Is QuickBooks Desktop free?

No. But you can try it by downloading a 30-day trial. Just ensure that your system meets the requirements before installing QuickBooks Desktop. Keep in mind to not register for the trial. If you do, you can be locked out of QB.


3. How to find license and product numbers?

You can find your license number present in the initial confirmation email if you bought QB from the website. But if you bought QB from a retail store, search for the label on the packaging.


4. Do I need a subscription for QuickBooks Pro 2021?

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 is a one-time purchase, and you don’t require a subscription. You can download QuickBooks and install it for up to two computers for every user.


5. Is it necessary to purchase a subscription for QuickBooks Desktop?

You can purchase QuickBooks Desktop for either a one-time fee or a yearly subscription with some extra features. You cannot access customer service on purchasing QuickBooks Desktop as a subscription.


6. What is the cheapest way to use QuickBooks?

The cheapest way to use QuickBooks is to use its Self-employed Online Plan. You can use it for $15 monthly. After that, you can use the Quickbooks Simple Start plan, which costs $25 monthly.


Summing up

Now you know exactly how to carry out QuickBooks download and installation process. Adhere to the four-step process, which includes checking the system requirements, downloading the software, installing, and activating it. You can also update it either automatically or manually. Among the various version, QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022 offers the most advanced features. If you need more help using QuickBooks or upgrading it, connect with expert QuickBooks technical support services.