QuickBooks can’t Find Company File | How to Find?

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If you are trying to open a company file, you can experience an error message such as QuickBooks can’t find company file. The error appears when you have selected the company file that you could not be found.  There may be many reasons of QuickBooks could not found find company file. You should follow the permanent and effective ways to resolve QuickBooks can’t find company file. In addition, you can take instant QuickBooks Help from online QuickBooks professionals for recognizing the reasons of this error and apply the permanent resolutions for this error permanently.


What is a QuickBooks Company File?

The main task of QuickBooks company file is to store all the financial data or accounting information of your firm. You can identify a company file exactly along with the extension. QBW. QuickBooks company file has recognized as a single file and is not split up into several files. You can open, move, or copy company file exactly. In addition, a QuickBooks company file can be transferred from one version of the QuickBooks to another version of QuickBooks.

Main Reasons When QuickBooks Company File not Found

If you’ve shifted your company file presently, QuickBooks cannot be able to search your company file. You should move QuickBooks to the new location of the QuickBooks company file. Before resolving this issue, you must know the main reasons of QuickBooks company file not found error.

  1. A QuickBooks company file has shifted to a fresh location
  2. Wrong elimination of QuickBooks company file by locally, or on the server
  3. Due to unsteady network connectivity, QuickBooks company file not found in the multi-user modes
  4. While attempting to open QuickBooks company file with the help of incorrect button

Permanent Solution to Fix QuickBooks can’t Find Company File Problem

When your QuickBooks company file not found error displays, you cannot be able to access your important accounting information. Due to this error, your accounting tasks can hamper. So you should follow the permanent methods to solve this error as soon as possible.

Method 1: Make sure that You have Network Connectivity

To check the network connectivity carefully, you can ping the server. If you receive a prompt answer for each package, it actually shows that you’ve steady network connectivity. On receiving slow prompt reply, you must solve the connectivity problem to carry on with the effective troubleshooting processes.

  1. In the field of keyboard, you should click on “Windows +R” similarly
  2. You can enter CMD in the displaying RUN Box and after that click on “Enter” button
  3. You can type ipconfig/ all and after that, you have to click on “OK” button or tap on “Enter” button. For any confusion, you can take the specialized help from online QuickBooks experts.
  4. You should write down the name of the server
  5. Finally, you know the name of the server, and enter server name and click on “Enter” button. Thus, you can fix QuickBooks can’t open Company File error permanently. If not, you can go for next step.

Method 2: Search for All QuickBooks Company File Extension

You can get a list of the extensions given below. You need to type to go to the server computer and after that make a proper search for all company files. Make certain that Asterisk has located before the extensions to find out the files rightly. Apart from this, if you get stuck in whole procedure, you can get connected with live QuickBooks experts to get step by step guidance for the particular step.

  1. *.QBW – You can go For QuickBooks company file
  2. *.QBA – You can visit For Accountants copy file
  3. *.QBB- You can go for backup file
  4. *.QBY- You can visit for the accountants change file
  5. *.QBX- You can go for the accountants transfer file

By applying the above steps, you can resolve QuickBooks can’t find company file error effortlessly. Still, if you are facing any error, you can go for next method to be used in the proper ways.

Method 3: Open a Specific Company File Using the Right Option

You should open a particular file with the help of the correct method. You can open a particular file with the assistance of the right method. You should follow below method-

  1. First of all, Back File-File >> Open company file >> Open A Backup File properly
  2. Secondly, Company file-File>> Restore company>> Open a company file exactly
  3. Thirdly, Accountants Transfer File-File>> Open a company file>> Transfer an Accountant’s copy transfer file in the right way. Thus, you can fix QuickBooks can’t find error permanently.

By following all these methods, you can resolve QuickBooks can’t find company file error without difficulty. If QuickBooks company file error keeps on after performing all the troubleshooting methods, you can contact online QuickBooks experts for step by step guidance.