QuickBooks is the widespread bookkeeping application because of the high level of reliability, it delivers. Apart from being the most important name in accounting software, in definite instances. QuickBooks Abort Error when the QBWUSER.ini file is damaged. that asks users to abort QuickBooks. Sometimes Corrupted system hardware or damaged Windows could also force you to abort the QuickBooks. The error unpredictably appears during any function in QuickBooks Desktop software and exhibits an error message “Connection Has Been Lost”. Dissimilar to other errors that interfere with QuickBooks functions, abort error occurs because of several different reasons. Go through the below steps to fix the abort error. If you need expert help then contact on QuickBooks customer number.


Description of QuickBooks Abort Error

QuickBooks requires a correct network to set up the multi-user feature where multiple computers can join with the server in the network and utilize the same company file stored on the server. If for any cause, QuickBooks experience network issues during the function it shows the abort error with “Connection Has Been Lost” error message that displays the problem that “The connection to the company file has been lost”. QuickBooks must close instantly. Any unsaved data will require to re-enter.” The error will also provide a solution to rearrange the network and examine if the server hosting the company file is correctly connected to the network.

Indication Of QuickBooks Abort Error

Following are the indications that you may notice before getting QuickBooks to abort error:

  • Internet connection variations.
  • The performance of the computer and overheating issues.
  • Insensitive Windows applications, including QuickBooks.
  • Issues connecting with the other computers in the same network.

Causes of QuickBooks Pro Abort Error

  • Missing or damage INI files from QuickBooks.
  • The hard drive may be fixed.
  • Multiple computer networks would be set up on a single system to host QuickBooks.
  • Using QuickBooks different versions on a multiple user mode.
  • Any incomplete QuickBooks update.
  • If the antivirus software of the computer encounter with QuickBooks.
  • ‘QuickBooks fix’ issue.
  • The folder where generally the file save may require some additional permission.

Resolve the QuickBooks abort Error

Below are the steps to resolve the QuickBooks error. Go through these steps attentively.

Method 1: Download and Run the ‘QB Diagnostic Tool’

Download and Install QuickBooks diagnostic tool. This tool is a multi-tasker as it can examine, highlight defective windows components and adjust problems by itself. Once you are done with the download, then,

  1. Run the tool
  2. Next, restart your computer
  3. Bring out the desktop version of the QuickBooks App.
  4. The solution will definitely solve the problem, however, if the problem is still there, then try the next step.

Method 2: Disable the Antivirus & other security Programs

Most of the viruses are known to freeze security threats. This software would take definite ports to be a security threat. To correct the issue, you might have to switch off the firewalls manually.

Method 3: Rename the ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file

  1. Recreating the ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file can delete the last list of opened files, and this has to be manually performed again.
  2. Click on the folder where ‘QBWUSER.ini’ is saved.
  3. If you are not able to view that folder then you can turn on the ‘hidden files and folders.’
  4. Go to Location, then Users, then put your User name, then App Data, then Local, next Intuit and then QuickBooks year.
  5. Right-click on ‘QBWUSER.ini.’
  6. Choose the ‘Rename’ option
  7. Put ‘. odd’ at the end of the file name.
  8. Now rename the ‘.ecml‘ file and Entitlement data store.
  9. After renaming both the files, next open any company file.
  10. The company file is not starting, then you can copy the file to a different folder and open it from that location. The different folders should be ideally a local folder rather than a network location.

So this is how you can resolve the QuickBooks abort error by using the above steps. Though, if you ever encounter this error, then you should try to fix it as soon as possible. As further delay may impact your system. You can contact QuickBooks customer phone number to deal with this error. They will solve any sort of problem in no time.