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QuickBooks GoPaymen

QuickBooks GoPaymenQuickBooks, the world-famous accounting software, boasts several functionalities and tools. They are crucial for business owners to carry out their accounting tasks. One of the prominent tools is the QuickBooks GoPayment. You can use this feature with the QB Point of Sale or POS. With the aid of this tool, you can take a debit card or get a credit card from your smartphone. You can also get it from other smart devices like Android, iPad, and iPhone. You just need to plug in the credit card, and it will make the whole payment processing immensely easy for you. In this article, you’ll find detailed instructions on using the GoPayment feature with QB Point of Sale.

What the QuickBooks GoPayment and POS Offers

The combination of GoPayment and QB Point of Sale allows users to track their mobile income and stocks in real-time. In fact, it may come off as a surprise to you that many QB users don’t even know about such a feature. It enables people to sync the lists with QB Point of Sale and GoPayment. The user can also modify and update the list much more effortlessly than before. Here are some points to note about this feature.

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale mobile syncing functionality enables the user to update and record credit score card sales from anywhere, be it their home or office.
  • The GoPayment feature allows the user to choose every kind of payment that can also involve tests, coins, swipe cards, keys, experiments, or tests.
  • Another fact to note is that QuickBooks payment has an unwanted GoPayment account.
  • Swipe charge perfectly accommodates the lower QuickBooks payment fee.
  • The GoPayment functionality functions on both Android and iPhone devices.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sales syncs all listing and sales data.
  • In this tool, new payments get recorded as QuickBooks Point of Sales sales invoices.
  • The tool enables the user to not miss out on any sale even while they are traveling or are in a meeting or conference.

How Does QuickBooks GoPayment Function?

Before downloading the GoPayment app, ensure to sign up for QuickBooks Payments. You need to link it to your QuickBooks Payments account. If you have a card number, you can straightaway download GoPayment and link both of them via Bluetooth. After you do that, your smartphone will become a Point of Sales system. It will have the following capabilities.

  • Processing of mobile payment.
  • Syncing of transactions with QB online account.
  • Card camera scanning.
  • Setup of a tipping option with the QB Card reader.
  • Taxable transactions.
  • Transfer of receipts via email and SMS.
  • A library of basic inventory items.

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The Process to Setup Mobile Sync at QuickBooks POS

You can set up mobile sync at QB POS quite easily. Start by clicking ‘Sign in for your Intuit Payments account‘ in the QB POS. After that, follow the points as follows.

  • Hit the options of ‘File and setup interview.’
  • After that, head over to the ‘Edit Settings’ tab. Then choose what is suitable for your business. The suggestions don’t need to be selected manually by you. They are automatically decided.
  • After that, navigate to QuickBooks’ File‘, ‘Preferences‘ followed by ‘Company Preferences.’ Then turn on mobile sync.
  • Note that you can turn off or on the mobile sync. You can also increase or decrease its frequency.
  • You can also manually mobile sync. For it, just click the ‘Cloud‘ icon on the top-right part of QuickBooks POS. It can transport several receipts or items at a specific time. But note that you cannot start the process from mobile.

How to Setup Inventory to Sync to QuickBooks GoPayment

Now you will understand how to use GoPayment in QuickBooks. You must first set up your inventory to synchronize to the GoPayment functionality. The steps to carry it out are as follows.

  • Firstly, head over to the ‘Item List.’ After that, choose the item that you desire to sell in GoPayment.
  • Then hit ‘Edit.’ It’s present in the ‘More Information’ widget. Then click on the checkbox of ‘Sync to Mobile.’
  • Now tap the button ‘Save.’

How to sync the department to the mobile device?

You can sync any department to your smartphone or mobile device. To know how to do it, follow these points.

  • Navigate to the ‘Point of Sale‘ and tap on the ‘Inventory.’ Follow it by clicking on the ‘Department List.’
  • After that hit the ‘Department’ tab. It is in the department column. Then arrange or sort the name of the department.
  • You can now modify or change the name of the department if you find the need to do so.
  • Finish the mobile sync. The steps for completing it in GoPayment are given in the subsequent section.

Finishing mobile sync in GoPayment

You must complete mobile sync in GoPayment. The process to do so consists of just a few steps. They include the following.

  • Launch the GoPayment app on the smartphone that you have.
  • After that, open the app and register for your QuickBooks payment account.
  • Now open the ‘Menu.’ After that, navigate to ‘Settings.’
  • Once there, tap ‘Sync Items.’ You will find it under ‘Sync Settings.’ That’s it. You have completed mobile sync in GoPayment.

Testing the GoPayment device

Testing the GoPayment device is an important step. So follow these points to do it.

  • Select a new payment.
  • Next, click on ‘Items‘ and departments to see your list.
  • You’ll notice that the rates and integration in GoPayment are quite good.

How to Assign Invoices or Customers to the Payments Received with the GoPayment Application?

You can easily assign invoices to the payments received via the GoPayment app. Follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the gear icon present at the top part.
  • Tap ‘Import GoPayment.’
  • Next, choose the payment you wish to record from the available mobile payments transactions list that appears.
  • Select if you want to record the payment as a ‘Sales Receipt‘ or ‘Receive Payment’ transaction.
  • Select the customer you want to record the payment with.
  • Tap either ‘Save & Done‘ or ‘Save & Continue.’

Note that the Receive Payment transaction will get saved as unapplied to an invoice or customer. To mark an invoice as paid, you require to apply the payments to that invoice. If you need further assistance with assigning invoices to the payments connect with professional QuickBooks technical support.

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How to sync your payment accounts to QB Online?

To enable your customers to be able to make your payment online, you can sync your payments accounts to QuickBooks Online. Follow the points mentioned below for it.

  • Choose the Gear icon present at the top.
  • Next, select ‘Account and Settings.’
  • From the left menu, choose ‘Payments.’
  • Now, choose ‘Connect.’
  • QuickBooks will begin searching for any merchant accounts related to your user ID.
  • Next, confirm that the merchant account listed is correct.
  • Choose ‘Link Account‘ for linking the account.

Benefits of Connecting your Phone and Tablet

QuickBooks POS mobile sync functionality enables users to ring sales of credit cards in the interior of your store. Here are some major benefits of linking your phone and tablet.

  • When you do so, you can pay anywhere via the Intuit Payments Account as well as the GoPayment app.
  • You can accept payment almost instantly. The process will become very streamlined. All you require is to activate your payment account. That’s it. You don’t need any extra applications.
  • Your sales software is synced with all the relevant revenue and inventory data. As a result, your numbers will always be accurate and updated.
  • This functionality, by default, records or documents new payments. It records them in the form of QuickBooks POS sale receipts.

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Final Words

The QuickBooks GoPayment is a great mobile POS app. It immensely helps business owners, especially small scale businesses, to process payments on the go. It utilizes QuickBooks payments to process various transactions. You can also pair it with the QB Card Reader to accept digital wallets and swiped payments. If you face any issues in using it properly, it’s best to connect with professional QuickBooks customer support services.