Resolve the QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error with the Best Fixes

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QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error banner

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error banner

QuickBooks is a premier accounting software that has streamlined complex accounting tasks of many small and medium-sized businesses. However, there are a few errors that keep arising in this software. These errors can disrupt the usual flow of users operating the software. One of these is the QuickBooks unrecoverable error. Various causes can result in this error code. If this error has been bothering you lately, this article is just for you. Here you’ll learn everything about it, right from its causes, symptoms, and effective ways through which you can troubleshoot it.

What Does QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error Mean?

This error is one of the most prevalent ones in QuickBooks. It happens when the user attempts to open company files. It can also occur when you tap on the icon of print, save, or ship that is usually above the transaction. The unrecoverable error in QuickBooks signals that this software has faced a crucial application fault. That’s why when the software encounters this error, it shows the message of ‘Critical application fault.’

Typically, this error showcases varied numeric error codes. Every error comprises ten digits, which are displayed in a 5-digits space 5-digits sequence. When a person attempts to launch a QuickBooks file, but the software is unable to reach the specific file, it will showcase a message, which will read as follows, ‘QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close.’

Some Typical Unrecoverable Errors in Intuit’s QuickBooks

In this section, you will find some error codes that you can see along with the unrecoverable error QuickBooks. The errors have a random nature, and so their number might vary from the actual ones. The list of errors you will find below is not comprehensive. You can find various other errors also. Those errors can differ from the ones that are mentioned.

    13730 84631 00227 55008 20888 41171 0051 46274
    19758 63847 0000 14775 15563 13890 31197 0050
    02457 79428 13824 75582 00000 15204 20103 33023

    In Which Circumstances the Unrecoverable Error in the QuickBooks Software Arises?

    There are various conditions wherein this error code can occur. Read through them below.

    • The error occurs when opening a QB Desktop file on your workstation.
    • When printing, save a document as a PDF or email from QuickBooks Desktop.
    • The error can occur while you are in the process of saving a record.
    • The error can also occur when you are running Rebuild Utility or Chaining target.
    • While writing cheques with QB Online Bill Pay or importing the accountant’s modifications.
    • The unrecoverable error will occur if there’s information or data damage in the company file.
    • Another condition in which this error can happen is while creating a backup or company file.
    • This error code can arise during the execution of bank reconciliation or reading previous reconciliation reports.
    • Another condition is when you are closing any window that’s open in a company file.
    • During the time of launching any window in QB, the problem can occur.
    • You can face this error when using the Open Previous Company functionality.

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    What are the Reasons for the QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error?

    There are many factors that cause the unrecoverable error in QB Desktop. If you are encountering this error, then one or the other cause below may be behind it.

    • Power outage is a prominent cause as it disrupts the files that the software is working on.
    • Problems in your system.
    • If any QuickBooks component is corrupt or damaged, you will likely encounter an unrecoverable error code.
    • Network issue is another probable cause of the error.
    • Conflict with the data integrity of the company file in QB may also result in this issue.
    • Missing QuickBooks and Windows updates are also the reasons for it.
    • If you are signed into a QB company file, and suddenly a network blip happens, you will likely face this issue.
    • If there is any disruption to your data, you will face this problem.
    • In case your program requires a repair, you will encounter an error message.

    What Signs and Symptoms Does the Unrecoverable Error Come With?

    While you are understanding the QuickBooks unrecoverable error code, it’s also important to know about its various symptoms. It will enable you to recognize it quickly and take the necessary action. The symptoms associated with this problem include the following:

    • Crashing of the QB Desktop window.
    • The QuickBooks Desktop window crashes the moment it’s opening.
    • Freezing of the update progress randomly.
    • QuickBooks Desktop freezing. You will find yourself unable to work on it.
    • Inability to save all your transactions in the company file.
    • The QB Desktop won’t get an update.
    • The software crashes while you are executing a specific task.
    • Users find themselves unable to get a saved transaction on the file.

    Troubleshooting Techniques to Resolve the QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

    There are several ways to fix the QB Desktop unrecoverable error. To eliminate this problem, ensure that you follow the sequence exactly as explained.

    Stop the QB Desktop from opening the windows at the startup.

    To implement this technique, begin by pressing the ‘Alt key‘ and double-tap on the icon of QuickBooks. Now, follow the instructions below.

    • When a dialog box appears on your device, release the Alt key and input the password of that account that is currently logged in.
    • Press ‘OK,’ and press the Alt key again when the application opens.
    • Now, release the key for completing the procedure.

    During the time when the QB application opens, you must exit all background windows and apps. Just tap on the option of ‘Close all Windows‘ within the application.

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    Recognize how many users are impacted

    You also need to find how many users are influenced via varied login credentials for opening a similar company file. If the error happens to a specific user, the credentials get damaged. So, recreate the user. Find the steps below.

    • A regular user is damaged

    1. Select the tab of ‘Set up users and passwords.’
    2. After that, select the tab of ‘Set up users.’
    3. This step is for enterprise users. You should choose the ‘Users’ option.
    4. Click the ‘Set up customers and roles’ icon.
    5. Tap the ‘Add user’ icon.
    6. Input the username with the password. Hit’ Next.’
    7. Now, you should ‘Customize the customer‘ then click ‘Finish.’
    8. In the following menu, choose ‘Close company/logoff.’
    9. Sign in to your company file through the new credential.
    • Admin user is affected

    1. You should download the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Make sure that QB is closed before you start using this tool.
    2. Now, from the QB tool hub, begin downloading the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
    3. This tool will automatically detect the problem and start troubleshooting it.

    Copy your company file to the desktop

    To begin, open the folder where the company file is stored. You can then follow the steps here.

    1. Use the option of ‘Locate‘ to find the file having the .qbw extension.
    2. Copy the file and shift it to the desktop, where you’ll need to paste it.
    3. Begin the application by pressing the ‘CTRL key.’
    4. You’ll see the message ‘No company open.’
    5. Tap ‘Open‘ and browse the file where you pasted the company file earlier.

    Suppress your QB Desktop

    An effective way to eliminate the QuickBooks unrecoverable error is to suppress your QB Desktop. This technique will be performed in two steps. Both these steps are given below.

    • Suppress the desktop when you start QuickBooks

    1. Start by pressing and holding the ‘CTRL key.’
    2. Tap twice the QB application icon.
    3. Press the ‘CTRL key‘ again till you find the window of ‘No company open‘ on your screen.
    • Suppress the desktop when you launch a company file

    1. Choose the preferred file from the window of ‘No company open.’
    2. Now press and hold the ‘Alt key.’
    3. Then choose the ‘Open‘ icon.
    4. Release the key. You’ll be taken to the ‘Login details.’
    5. Enter your credentials.
    6. If you aren’t redirected to this page, continue pressing the ‘Alt key.’
    7. After that, press the ‘OK‘ tab.
    8. Note that you shouldn’t release the ‘Alt key‘ till the file opens up entirely.

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    Launch a sample company file

    When you launch a sample company file, it helps determine whether the problem is associated with QB or linked to the company file. Go through these steps to successfully open a sample company file.

    • Launch the sample company file from the window of ‘No company open.’ Do it by choosing the option of ‘Open a sample file.’
    • Now you can go for any file that’s present on the list.

    Copy the company file to another location

    When you copy and launch a company file from another location, it aids in determining if the folder containing the company file goes over the file system path limit or is damaged. Suppose you encounter the same problem after you move the company file. In that case, it shows that either the QB installation or the company file is damaged.

    • To launch the company file from another location, right-tap on any place on your desktop and choose ‘New and folder options.’
    • Name this folder ‘QBTEST.’ Now, right-tap on the file and select the option of ‘Copy.’
    • Now, paste the company file in the folder of ‘QBTEST.’
    • Lastly, launch the company file from this folder.

    Some points to remember while opening the sample company file

    • If you can open the sample company file, it means that it or the folder where it’s saved may be damaged. If this is the scenario, we suggest copying the file to another location.
    • Sometimes, ADR or backup does not function well, you can carry out some basic troubleshooting steps for fixing data damage.

    Make another Windows admin

    You can use this method to troubleshoot the QuickBooks unrecoverable error. Below are steps that Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 users can follow. After that, you will find the steps for creating a new Windows admin for the various Windows servers.

    • Windows 10

    1. Tap ‘Start‘ and navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab.
    2. Choose the ‘Accounts’ tab and then tap on the tab of ‘Family and other users.’
    3. Now, click on the icon of ‘Add someone else to this computer.’
    4. Next, choose the ‘I do not have this person’s sign-in info‘ icon. Also, tap on the ‘Add a user without Microsoft Account info.’
    5. Now, fill in the name of the new account, and after that, tap the icon of ‘Finish.’
    6. Remember that you are required to ‘Appoint a password‘ to your new account for the purpose of security.
    7. Now, choose the ‘Recently produced‘ account and then choose the ‘Account type’ tab.
    8. Now, choose the ‘Administrator tab‘ and tap ‘OK.’
    • Windows 8.1

    1. Windows 8.1 users should navigate to the ‘Control Panel‘ and click the ‘User accounts’ tab. Then tap manager another account tab. Then hit the other account’s tab with the add an account tab.
    2. Next, log in without an MS account and select the ‘Local account’ tab.
    3. Enter your username, password, and password hint. Select ‘Next.’
    4. Now choose the newly built account when you are directed to the window of ‘Manage other accounts.’ Hit ‘Edit.’
    5. Choose the ‘Admin’ tab and then click ‘OK.’
    • Windows 8 and 7

    1. Navigate to the ‘Control Panel.’ Then select the ‘User accounts’ tab.
    2. After that, click the ‘Manage another account’ tab.
    3. Choose the tab of ‘Create a new account.’ Input the new account’s name.
    4. Next, choose the ‘Administrator tab.’ Then click the ‘Create account‘ tab.
    • Windows Server 2012

    1. Launch the ‘Database Server Manager.’
    2. Now, tap on the tab of ‘Tools‘ and choose ‘Computer management.’
    3. Next, you need to expand ‘Local users and groups.’
    4. Select the ‘Group’s’ option.
    5. Progressing ahead, double-tap on the ‘Admin groups’ followed by clicking on the tab of ‘Open the admin properties windows.’
    6. Now, tap the tab of ‘Add option.’
    7. Select ‘Item users,’ and computer systems in the window of ‘Service accounts and groups.’
    8. Finally, input the name of the account which you want to add in the local admin groups.
    9. Hit the tab of ‘OK.’

    Modify how you save the form

    When you change the way of saving the form, it’s possible to eliminate the unrecoverable error in QuickBooks. Follow these steps for it.

    • Utilize either the ‘Save and close‘ tab or the ‘Save and new‘ tab present at the end part of the form to save your transaction.
    • Next, refrain from leaving your cursor on the blank line of the sales form.
    • Next, tap on ‘Printed‘ before you save the transaction.
    • Go to the ‘File and print forms when you desire to print.’

    If you get this unrecoverable error when you are printing, you need to edit the preferences. Do the following for it.

    • Before you click the ‘Printing’ checkbox, tap on clear the ‘save transactions’ below the tab of company preferences.
    • Lastly, tap ‘OK.’

    Execute Reboot.bat file

    First, to begin with, this troubleshooting technique, you need to locate the ‘reboot.bat file.’ Go through the steps below.

    • Find the reboot.bat file’ below C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks xxx Ver 00.0. Here, xxx indicates the QuickBooks version, and 00.0 indicates the present QuickBooks version.
    • Right-tap on ‘Reboot.bat file.’ Run this file as admin.
    • Proceed ahead by launching the program to see if the problem is removed or not. If the error still persists, reboot your device and try again.

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    How to Resolve Unrecoverable Error While Opening a QuickBooks Desktop File on a Specific Workstation

    Follow these steps when you use a workstation to open a company file saved over the network and encounter the unrecoverable error at that instance. This situation happens when the QBCF monitor service runs on the workstation, particularly that workstation which isn’t hosting the company file.

    You have two leading solutions to resolve this problem. They are:

    1. Downloading QuickBooks Tool Hub and running Quick Fix My Program
    2. Fixing the QB Desktop

    Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub and run Quick Fix My Program

    • Download and install QB Tool Hub

    The tool hub gets rid of different errors. Use this program on Windows 10 64-bit.

    • Download the current version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
    • Next, launch the file of QB Tool Hub, which you have downloaded.
    • The next step is to execute the onscreen guidelines and agree to all the terms and conditions.
    • When the install completes, double-tap the icon on the desktop to open the program.

    Execute Quick Fix My Program

    The Quick Fix My Program will exit all the open background programs that the QB software is currently using. It will perform a quick repair on this software.

    • In the QB Tool Hub, select ‘Program problems.’
    • Now, select ‘Quick Fix My Program.’
    • Start QB desktop and launch the data file.

    Prevent the reboot of QBCF monitor service

    • Press Windows + R keys to launch the ‘Run’ window.
    • Input’ services.msc‘ and tap ‘OK.’
    • Double-tap on ‘QBCFMonitorService‘ to open the ‘Properties’ tab.
    • Choose ‘Disabled startup.’
    • Choose ‘Apply‘ and hit ‘OK.’

    Fixing the QB Desktop

    This step is carried in two parts. They are as follows:

    • Repair the QB Desktop
    • Employ the QuickBooks program diagnostic tool.

    Repair the QB Desktop

    1. Navigate to ‘Reboot.exe‘ for reregistering QB objects in your Windows.
    2. Now, repair the ‘Microsoft.NET Framework‘ manually.
    3. Upon the completion of this process, reinstall QB Desktop on your system. It’s advised to update the QB software to its current version.
    4. Begin the ‘QuickBooks Component Repair Tool’ for repairing all the disrupted components and files.

    Employ the QuickBooks program diagnostic tool

    • The first step is to fix the QB software.
    • Now, download and execute the QB Install Diagnostic Tool.
    • Next, install QuickBooks again by utilizing the clean install.
    • Now you have to repair every Microsoft component manually. If you are unsure of correctly performing the repair manually by yourself, connect with the support team of Microsoft.

    Crucial points to know to resolve unrecoverable errors while opening QB Desktop file on a workstation

    • Determine if the QB Desktop is upgraded before you execute the various steps mentioned above.
    • You should be running your software on a multi-user mode and have a server for the computer.
    • All these measures that are meant to be followed are to ascertain that hosting is switched off in all workstations, excluding the server.

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    How to Resolve the QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error While You Are Executing a Bank Reconciliation or Selecting a Transaction for it?

    Its highly advised that you resolve the Adobe Reader if the QuickBooks Desktop crashes with this unrecoverable error while you are reconciling with the aid of an old Adobe Reader version. You can encounter this error when:

    • Adobe Reader 9.0 and 10.0 are installed, and you have opted a preference for ‘Display PDF in Browser.’
    • Adobe 11.0 and later versions don’t have the choice to display PDF in the browser, and they display it outside the browser.

    Update Adobe Reader

    Update Adobe Reader to its latest version to fix this error. Follow these instructions for it.

    • Go to the Adobe Reader. Then go to ‘Help‘ and then ‘About Adobe Reader options.’
    • If you notice versions like 8.0 and 9.0, upgrade it to 11.0.
    • Install the Adobe Reader 11.0 version, after which you should reboot your system.

    Modify the display PDF

    This method is only for those who use Adobe 8.0, 9.0, and 10.0. For changing the display PDF, follow these guidelines.

    • From the Window’s ‘Start‘ menu, choose ‘Programs/All Programs.’
    • Choose the ‘Adobe Reader/Acrobat.’
    • Adobe XI (11.0) and later versions don’t display a PDF by default. So, if you use an older version, you must update it.
    • Select the ‘Edit and Preferences’ tab.
    • Go to the ‘Preferences’ window and select ‘Internet.’
    • Tap to clear away the ‘Display PDF in browser’ preference in the section of ‘Web browser’ options.
    • To finish the procedure, tap ‘OK.’
    Final Words

    All these troubleshooting techniques in this guide will help you in eliminating the QuickBooks unrecoverable error on your system. But if you cannot resolve the issue and find yourself dealing with it, get in touch with the expert QuickBooks Technical support team. You can call or email them anytime. The technical experts will immediately come to your assistance so that you can use the software efficiently again.