QuickBooks come-up with the advanced feature of printing your records direct from the program. Sometimes QuickBooks Won’t Print email, PDF, checks and invoice due to connectivity issue with the printer or any other reasons. This can be annoying because couple of time you need an urgent printout but unfortunately it doesn’t work. At that point, you don’t need to wag-off as we technical team will take you out from this problematic situation by resolving this “Can’t Print from QuickBooks” error. So, take effective QuickBooks Help from us or else keep your eyes feast on this blog. Here, you can see the troubleshooting method.


Hands-Free Solution for QuickBooks Won’t Print Error

Before start eradicating QuickBooks Won’t Print error, you must ensure that the latest and upgraded version of QuickBooks is installed in your system. You also have to be ensured that the printer is turned on and properly connected to the computer. After confirmation of these, now, you are allowed to go through the instructions mentioned underneath.

Solution 1: Check If Printing Can Be Done Outside QuickBooks

Here is the way to check this, so follow the given:

  • Turn your printer off and restart your PC
  • Afterward, turn on your printer again
  • Now make sure that your printer is correctly connected with the computer system
  • After that, give a click on the “Start” button on your Window Desktop and then navigate to the Control Panel section
  • Now, you are required to click on the “Printer and Faxes” option and select your printer from the given list
  • In case, your printer is showing offline, then make it online by using the below step:
  1. First, give a right-click on the selected printer and choose the option “See what’s printing”
  2. Now, in the next window, you have to click on the “Printer” tab and in the drop-down menu choose “Use Printer Online”
  • Doing the above-guide will bring your printer online
  • After doing that, you are suggested to place double-tap on the printer and click on “Cancel All Documents” to close all the pending printing job
  • Now, close the Window and again right click on the printer
  • Tap “Properties” option from the drop-down list
  • And then click on ‘Printer Test Page’
  • If the printer successfully prints the test page, then try to print a document from WordPad
  • Simply, open your WordPad on your Windows and write content on it
  • And then click on the “File” menu and select “Print” option
  • Select the printer and give the print command
  • If you detect any error while printing, then go to the manufacturer’s document and see for the notes on the following:
  1. Error message from the printer
  2. Doesn’t print from WordPad
  3. Unable to print the test page

Solution 2: You Can Also Try The Following

  1. Rename the qbprint.qbp file and then try to print again
  2. If yet your QuickBooks Won’t Print, then try to print a file having a similar format. This will give you a clear idea about the issue that whether it is with the particular file or it is the software that creates the problem during printing
  3. If the similar file gets successfully printed, then the try to print the QuickBooks file that you were trying before
  4. You may even also try printing the documents in single or smaller batches, if QuickBooks can’t print
  5. Also make sure that you are using the latest version of the printer driver

If still QuickBooks doesn’t print, use the next solution method.

Solution 3: Make Sure the Printer Name on The Hardware Matches The Driver Info

You also have to ensure that you are using the printer driver matches with the name of the printer hardware in the Setup list. To check it, follow the below:

  1. Select File > Printer Setup
  2. Check the name of the printer. If the name is incorrect, then set up the right name in your system’s Printer Setup

Solution 4: Printer is On Network or Local Setting

Here are the steps you should take a glance on:

  1. Here you need to verify the setting of the printer
  2. Check whether your printer is on the Network or not
  3. If your printer is on a local setting, maybe there is some issue with the computer
  4. Thus, validate the connection between the printer and the computer

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