QuickBooks general ledger report comes in handy to display the transactions for a specific date range. It can show the transactions from all accounts such as equity, accounts receivable, cash, and undeposited funds. With the help of QuickBooks general ledger, the users can prepare the financial expenses, calculate the income, evaluate the total expenses and keep their accounts up-to-date, all the time. Additionally, the data gets synced with any device in which a user is trying to operate QuickBooks, which enhances the overall accounting experience.

Our forums keep flooded with regular queries on how to find a general ledger and print the ledger report – That’s what intrigued us to create a comprehensive write-up to address those questions. We hope, you also get benefitted from this article and share the same with the one in need. Let’s dig it out.


Important terminologies – QuickBooks general journal ledger basics

Before trying your hands on finding and printing the QuickBooks general ledger, you must be familiar with some basic technologies, especially the types of journals.

  • Accounts payable– These are the accounting records that are pending to pay to vendors or customers.
  • Accounts receivable – These are the journals that are pending with your clients and they haven’t paid them yet.
  • Payroll– The payroll journal records the transactions between you and your employees such as the employee’s compensation, Paycheck paid or to be paid to the employees, and associated payroll taxes.

Find QuickBooks general ledger report

Here are the steps that you may take to find QuickBooks general ledger report. That’s what you need to do before preparing and printing the general ledger. Make sure to follow the steps in the given order to get accurate results.

  1. Launch QuickBooks application on your computer.
  2. Go to the left side panel, click Reports, and then click All.
  3. Go down the screen and click For My Accountant.
  4. Click General Ledger.
  5. Now choose either Cash or Accrual and you may also filter by selecting only those accounts for whom you want to see the report.
  6. Click Run Report to get a complete general ledger on your screen.

The report you see consists of entire transactions for the existing month. You may also see reports for any other particular date range by filtering the report for a particular period.

Prepare general journal ledger entries in QuickBooks

You should also have precise knowledge on how to prepare the QuickBooks general journal entries. The following steps easily describe the complete process.

  1. Go to the QuickBooks Company menu and click Make General Journal Entries.
  2. Now the General Journal Entry window will open, here you will need to change the Date Field to the time range you want to prepare the report for.
  3. Under the Entry Number field, enter the required number of General Entries.
  4. Now you can fill in the following details for QuickBooks General Journal Entry.
  5. Firstly, choose the first account in your transaction depending on which account you prefer in general transaction i.e, either Account receivable or Accounts payable.
  6. Now Fill the Credit or Debit amount in the respective columns for your account.
  7. You may also enter the type of transaction in remarks.
  8. Choose the name that is associated with the transaction either customer, vendor, or employee.
  9. Enter the billable amount for the Expense account and assign a class to the amount.
  10. Now you may repeat all these steps to zero the balance between credit and debit. Finally, click Save and Close, to save the General journal report and close the QuickBooks.

Print QuickBooks general ledger report

Once you know the process to find and repair the QuickBooks general ledger, it becomes quite simple to learn how to print general ledger reports in QuickBooks. Here are the steps that describe the overall process.

  1. In QuickBooks, go to Print reports.
  2. Click Transaction reports and then click General ledger.
  3. Next, you will need to choose the month and year for which you want to print the general ledger report.
  4. To print the complete general ledger, you will have to leave the Account range field
  5. However, still, if you want to print for a particular account range, then you will need to enter the beginning and ending digitsof your account number.
  6. Now you may click print to get the hard copy of your general ledger report.

[Note – The printed report is not date-sensitive which means that the transactions made within a particular month will be included in a report, even if the transaction date is for another month.]

Is QuickBooks general ledger essential?

Indeed, the QuickBooks general ledger is highly beneficial to track the spending in your business. Also, you can print and review the QuickBooks general ledger report to identify the mistakes in data entry and making sure that everything else is up to the mark. With the help of the QB general ledger you can also monitor that the entries are associated with correct accounts, For instance, the traveling expenses are not allocated to vehicle maintenance. To summaries the QuickBooks general ledger:

  1. Tracks the financial expenditures.
  2. Ensures accurate bookkeeping.
  3. Monitors the organization’s
  4. Separate the business expenses from personal expenses.
  5. Managing the business expenses and paying them from personal funds.

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What should I do when I can’t find and print the QuickBooks general ledger?

Call the QuickBooks ProAdvisors and seek their assistance. That’s what you should do if you still cannot find and print the QuickBooks general ledger report. We have been offering accounting software solutions to many well-established accountants along with some novice users in the field. If you also need some assistance, then immediately contact the QuickBooks Help Number, describe the issue you are facing, and get an immediate resolution.