Getting QuickBooks Error Code 80040408? Here’s how to fix it!

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Wish you could focus on your business operations instead of dealing with QuickBooks error code 80040408? That’s why we are here. Let’s understand why this error often pops up on the screen and how we can fix it once and for all.

BeginSessionError Code: 80040408 could not start QuickBooks.

Familiar with this error message of QuickBooks?

QuickBooks being the most trusted accounting solution for every small and big business, tend to disappoint when users encounter sudden errors. In fact, many users face issues while making their financial statements and then connect with QuickBooks technical support team after getting frustrated. Complex errors like QuickBooks error code 80040408 arise due to improper configuration setup of QuickBooks in the multi-user environment.

Without any further delay, let’s find out what causes these errors and how these perplexing errors can be fixed.

8 Major Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 80040408:

The error QB error code 80040408 arises directly from the Intuit Software Development Kit (SDK). It indicates that the command to open the company file by QuickBooks is not proper and seems confusing to the software.

Here’s a list of all the possible reasons why QuickBooks error code 80040408 might pop up on your screen. Check them out one by one to identify your cause.

  1. When the QuickBooks Start-up option is turned on by the user in QuickBooks software
  2. QuickBooks is in use in the single-user mode causing error 80040408 in multi-user or desktop mode
  3. When a QuickBooks file is renamed. If a file does not match its original name which was initially entered into the QQube Configuration tool.
  4. When the company file in QB is moved from its original location. This changes the path of the file and makes it inaccessible as it is not the same as mentioned earlier in the QQube Configuration Tool.
  5. The user has multiple QB company files in the system which confuses the software to open the correct file.
  6. QuickBooks has already opened a particular company file before it tried to open multiple company files simultaneously.
  7. While using the multi-user mode, the user shutdown or log out of the dedicated server which disables QB software to run.
  8. Multiple QQube Synchronizers are running on the server can be a reason causing this error. Run taskmgr.exe to confirm the cases-
  • More are running in addition to the dedicated sync user in a multi-user mode
  • More are running in addition to the current user in a single-user mode


It is normally seen that when someone remotely tries to access the company file on your system as an administrator and fails to do so due to insufficient access. This error can be easily resolved by providing access after recognizing the activity.

Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 80040408:

Troubleshooting of Intuit QB Error Code 80040408 is way easier when you know the cause of the problem. Now that we have covered 50% of the part to know the cause, let’s resolve it in the next 50% part.

Solution 1. QB provides the QuickStart option under My preferences so you can always run the software. However, this feature causes a communication gap. Therefore, it must be turned off.

The feature in QQube to “Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups” has been removed in versions launched after 2018.

Solution 2. The second possible solution to fix the issue is by checking if someone is trying to perform an administrative task such as joining two accounts in single-user mode. We can provide access or control it.

Solution 3. In case the company file name is changed, you can either rename it back, same as the one entered in the QQube configuration tool. Or Change the name from the server only as there is no provision to change the name in the QQube configuration tool directly.

Solution 4. Change the path of the file in the QQube Configuration Tool. There is no provision to change it directly in multi-user mode so you have to do it from the server.

Solution 5: Make sure no company file is open before you try to load multiple files in QB. As the Software Development Kit (SDK) does not allow developers to close a QuickBooks file that is already manually opened and restrict the opening of other files simultaneously. So, make sure you close all the open files.

Solution 6:  And last but not the least, to fix the 8th possible cause of the problem, let’s understand this.

What happens is when multiple synchronizers run simultaneously they result in confusing the Qube sync process.

To resolve the first case, first, uninstall from the user who originally installed QQube under their name. Then reinstall.

  • For a multi-user environment, assign a dedicated synch user
  • For a single user environment, You can assign a dedicated user to a workstation

Hope one of the solutions given above will help you resolve the complex QuickBooks error code 80040408. If none of the solutions works for you, or you find difficulty in following the solutions, connect with QuickBooks technical support.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a QuickBooks user for a long time, you must be familiar with the sudden issues the software shows. To get rid of such errors you must keep the guidelines in mind. To use your QuickBooks software seamlessly connect with our QuickBooks Technical Support team. The team is present around the clock to fix problems like QuickBooks error code 80040408. They will give you a quick tutorial assisting in all your QB-related issues and fixing them with perfection.