QuickBooks POS Error 121 also called Permission denied error generally been occurred if someone tries to sign-in to their QuickBooks Point of Sale rather than system admin. When anyone experiences such an error the message “QuickBooks POS Error 121 denied you do not have permission to select from timeouts” pops-up on the computer screen. This type of error issue stops users to install any updated software. For installing any updates, users are required to login with system administrator. Therefore, if you come across with this specific error code while using your QuickBooks, take QuickBooks Help from well-qualified engineers to resolve the problem. Additionally, you can read the blog-post to know the effectual guides for troubleshooting it.


Why QuickBooks POS Error 121 Happens?

Due to the following mistake have been done by you, the QuickBooks POS Error 121 appears:

  1. When you are logged in as a ‘Guest User’ and then trying to update QuickBooks, at that point the following error code occurs
  2. An error message stating “QB Point of sale error 121 denied & you don’t have authorization to choose from the timeouts” appears on the screen
  3. On facing the error when you visit the help and software updates page in QuickBooks POS, you will see software update that will cope-up the issue. Software update has to be downloaded and keep running on the server and the work area

Procedures to Fix QuickBooks POS Error 121

To get rid of the QuickBooks Error 121, you are required to delete all the data & info from the Entitlement Client folder & also remove WSAactivity.xml file. Before start performing the resolution procedures, you have to be ensured that the Pint of Sale is closed on your Windows. Now, let’s begin to solve the problem!

Procedure 1: Close All the Point of Sale Process and Services

To do it, follow the given steps:

  • First of all open the “Task Manager” and then choose the option “Processes”
  • After that, search and end the exe processes mentioned below:
  1. bpos.exe
    2. Qbposdbservice.exe
    3. Qbposshell.exe
  • After closing all those exe file, you have to close the Task Manager now
  • And then, press “Windows+R” key simultaneously from your keyboard
  • In the search window enter “services.msc”
  • In the next step, you have to go to the Services window, search for QuickBooks Point of Sale Database Manager XXXX
  • Now end-up all the services
  • And close the ‘Services Window’

If the problem QuickBooks POS Error 121 still persists while working on your accounting software, then you are suggested to use the next procedure.

Procedure 2: Delete the Necessary Files

  • First, View the hidden Windows folders
  • For Windows 8.1 and 8
  1. Press Windows Start button on your keyboard
  2. Choose the “Control Panel” option
  3. Tap on ‘Appearance’
  4. Then, select ‘Folder Options’
  5. And click on the ‘View’ tab
  6. Under the “Advanced Settings” section, Press ‘Show Hidden files, folders, & drives’
  7. Now, click “OK”
  • For Windows 7 and Vista
  1. First, you have to give a right-click on the ‘Windows Start’ button and then select ‘Open windows explorer’
  2. Press “Organize” and choose ‘Folder & Search” option
  3. Click on the ‘View’ tab
  4. Press ‘Show hidden files and folders’
  5. Make sure the checkbox for ‘Hide Protected Operating files’ is unmarked
  6. Doing this a warning message appears on the screen, you have to click “Yes” to confirm
  7. And then press “OK”
  • For Windows XP
  1. First, you have to choose “Tools” option and then select ‘Folder Options’
  2. Press the ‘View’ button & un-check the statement ‘Hide extensions for known file types’
  3. Choose ‘show hidden files and folders’ & unmark ‘hide protected Operating system files’
  4. Now Press OK
  • Go to the location depending on your Operating System. The locations are mentioned below for every Windows separately
  • For Windows 8 and 8.1- c:\Program data\intuit\entitlement client \v8.0
  • Windows 7 and vista- c:\Program data\intuit\entitlement client\ v8.0
  • For XP- c:\documents and settings\all users\ application data\intuit\entitlement client\v8.0
  • Now, from the keyboard you have to press “CTRL + A” to select all the files in the folder and then right-click on them to tap “Delete” button and remove all the selected files
  • Go back to the previous location – c:\ Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks POS XX
  • Open the INI folder and delete the ‘WSActivity file’
  • Open Point of Sale again & download and install available Updates
  • At last, you have to complete the registration process

Avail Reliable QuickBooks Support Service for Help

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