Use Quickbooks Password Reset Tool for All Quickbooks Versions

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Quickbooks Password Reset Tool

Today, we’ll show you how to use the QuickBooks password reset tool created by intuit. It enables users to recover a forgotten or lost Quickbooks password. You can also use it if you recall and want to change it for security reasons.

It’s a popular accounting program that saves important user data. Thus, similar to other tools you need to download its setup file on your system. White changing/resetting the password, the  Automated Password Reset Tool will ask for some crucial details in order to authenticate your identity of a particular account.

Quickbooks Password Reset Tool

This tutorial will show you how to use Automated Quickbooks Password Reset Tool and change or reset your Quickbooks password with ease.


Key Points to Note Before Using the Automated Password Reset Tool

One of the most significant reasons to have a Quickbooks password is to keep it safe from both offline and online threats. This is why Intuit built the Quickbooks admin password reset tool, which allows you to effortlessly reset or change your password.

Further, QuickBooks requires you to change your password every 90 days to keep your data and information safe. Before changing or resetting Quickbooks password, consider the following key points.

  • Quickbooks is one such application that requires you to enter your password manually to access your account.
  • After 90 days of using your current password, you should update your QuickBooks account password.
  • Quickbooks will begin notifying you about changing your password as soon as it approaches its expiration date. It’s when you need  Password Reset Tool to update your password.


Following are the suggestions to follow when reset quickbooks password.

  • Create a strong password for QuickBooks
  • The new password must have at least 7 characters
  • It must include at least one numeric character and uppercase letter. 
  • Escape using space in the password. 
  • Make sure the password is case-sensitive
  • It should be bold but easy for you to remember or you can note it somewhere safely.
  • You should not be logged in to the account on any device or network.
  • It is recommended not to add social media information while creating the QuickBooks admin password. 

Following are the important details Automated Password Reset Tool needs when resetting the password: 

  • License number
  • Contact number
  • Contact Name
  • Postcode


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Locate the Desktop Version of Quickbooks You’re Using

Finding the desktop version of QuickBooks while using the Automated Password Reset Tool quickbooks is a must. Because only then will you see the correct password reset window.

To find which quickbooks desktop version you are using, open the quickbooks. Go straight to the product details option or press the F2 key. It will provide the details of your quickbooks software, keep a copy handy. 


How to Use Quickbooks Automated Password Reset Tool?

Since you have decided to use the Quickbooks admin password reset tool, you need to decide the type of QuickBooks account. Is it the admin password or user password

  • If you are an administrator using the Quickbooks admin password reset tool, you may quickly change your password.
  • If you want to reset User Quickbooks passwords, only the administrator has the authority to do it. As a result, contact you for QuickBooks administration.


Use Quickbooks Desktop Password Reset Tool

Step 1: First, download the Password reset tool  and install it. 

Using the tool you can reset the admin password in any version of QuickBooks desktop. 

Step 2: Launch the Password reset tool for Quickbooks desktop: windows (All versions) or Point of Sale.

Step 3: Then, select the version of your QuickBooks desktop application. 

Step 4: Provide this mandatory information: Your QuickBooks license number (15-digits), First name, Last name, Email address, Confirm email address, business phone number, and the ZIP code. 

  • Remember that the contact number you are providing should be 10 digits long. 
  • Do not use the country code, it will automatically be added by the Quickbooks desktop password reset tool

 Step 5: Tap Next

  • If the input details didn’t match, then login to your QuickBooks account to see that the following detail are correct: 
    • User name(ensure it is not case sensitive)
    • Primary email address and the Zip Code
    • License number details
    • Contact number

Step 6: If the details are correct, move forward by accepting the license agreement. The Password reset tool for Quickbooks desktop will download automatically. 

  • However, if the tool didn’t work, tap download now.
  • Run the file, and Save it to your desktop. 

Step 7: Now, run the Quickbooks desktop password reset tool. If you have received a token number in your mail, enter it. 

Step 8: After that, navigate to the Quickbooks Desktop Product drop-down menu. Select the same Quickbooks version you have installed on your system. 

Step 9: Then, select Browse for Company File. Select the company file you wish to change the password for. 

Step 10: Enter the real company file user name if you changed it from the default name Admin. 

Step 11: It’s time to create your new password (temporary) for QuickBooks. Enter it and confirm it by re-entering it. 

  • As mentioned in the step above, create a temporary password. It is because QuickBooks will ask you to create a new account again when you open the company file. 

Step 12: Tap Reset Password to finish the process. 

Important note:  

  • If you have recently changed your contact number, make sure you modify the details on your quickbooks account profile. 
  • For United Nations users, the country code +1 will be added automatically. Thus, they don’t need to input the code manually. 
  • Hievre, if you are not a US user, you must change the country code manually in the section “select country.”


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Final words: 

An automatic Quickbooks password reset tool is essential in the password reset procedure. It simplifies the process and enables you to change your password at any moment. However, before updating the password, make sure that your Quickbooks desktop is up to date. If you are still unable to change or reset your Quickbooks password, please contact us. Our professionals will guide you through the procedure and provide you with the necessary information.