How to Install the QuickBooks Migration Tool? 

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QuickBooks Migration Tool

Whether you are planning to buy a new laptop or switch your account to another desktop, data transfer can be the biggest hassle for you. Especially in QuickBooks when not all data is a quick piece for transfer. Have you tried the QuickBooks migration tool

In this blog, you can find the benefits of using the QuickBooks data migration tool. Also, you will learn how to install it on your system. 

Let’s get started!


What is a QuickBooks Migration Tool? 

The QuickBooks data migration tool comes in handy when you transfer QB data from one computer to another or convert from Quickbooks desktop online.

QuickBooks Migration Tool

One of the significant features of the tool is that the QuickBooks migration tool downloads updates automatically on your system. Thus, making it easier for QuickBooks to comply with your system. 


Why Do You Need A Quickbooks Data Migration Tool? 

These are the following instances when the QuickBooks migration tool can be the best companion for you: 

  • When you want to transfer your data files from your old computer to a new or another computer.
  • When you need a data file with financial data for the previous year. 
  • You are migrating data to Quickbooks online. 


How Does the Quickbooks Data Migration Tool Work? 

The QuickBooks online migration tool keeps data secure with a password. Thus, when you create the password, make sure you remember it or note it down somewhere. It is because the migration tool takes a password only one time which you need to enter when transferring the data.

With the migration tool QuickBooks, you can copy the last 3 company files opened and other supporting files to a USB flash drive. 

Further, the Quickbooks migration data tool downloads automatically compatible versions on your system and sets up company files. 

Last, the tool does not delete any data after it’s done transferring the QuickBooks files. 


Pre-Conditions to Run Quickbooks Migration Tool

Like any other tool, QuickBooks online migration tool also has some pre-conditions or requirements to run on your system. These are: 

  1. Your new computer should have a strong internet connection
  2. You should have a USB flash drive with at least 150 megabytes to 250 megabytes


Data Migration Tool Can Transfer or Not Transfer Data

If you are wondering what type of data can be transferred and which to avoid, here we have provided the details. You can go through it and find if your select data is transferable via the QuickBooks data migration tool. 


Data that cannot be copied for migration: 

Here is the list of all the data that you can plan to transfer using the data migration tool. 

  • As aforementioned, the last three company files which you opened recently can be transferred along with the sample files. 
  • The current version and additional details are required for the installation of QuickBooks on another computer. 
  • Local attachments 
  • Advanced report for QuickBooks enterprise
  • Statement writer fr QuickBooks accountant
  • Spell check and user dictionary
  • Memo and scheduled reports 
  • Quickbooks letters, custom templates, and forms. 
  • Business planner 
  • Cash flow projector
  • Loan manager 
  • Printing settings


Data that can be copied and transferred:

  • Multi-user setup: in such a case where you are accessing a multi-user setup on your QuickBooks, you need to first renew the setup. 
  • Payroll and payment setup: If your QuickBooks account has payment and payroll services, it cannot be transferred. Because it has your sensitive data. Thus, you need to log in to ensure your data security and access the services. 
  • Intuit data protect (IDP): To access the IDP on your new computer, log out from the old device, then log in again on the new device. 
  • Apart from the currently opened three company files, the remaining old files can only be transferred manually. 
  • Lastly, the backup file data you create yourself are also not transferred through the tool. You can transfer them manually. 


Steps to Configure Quickbooks Online Migration Tool

Get ready to move the QuickBooks data and company files from your old computer to the new computer. 


On your old computer

Follow the steps below for your old computer: 


  • To begin, attach the USB flash drive to your old computer USB slot. 
  • Now, double-tap on QuickBooks to launch it. 
  • Navigate through the windows and select File
  • Then, tap on Utilities
  • Now, select the option ‘Move QuickBooks to another computer.’
  • After that, select ‘ I’m ready’ and create a strong password. 
  • Adhere to the on-screen instructions and select the USB flash drive
  • Wait for all the files to get copied on the flash drive. 


On your new computer

As all your data files get copied, you can move to your new computer and follow these steps: 


  • Plugin the USB flash drive on your new computer. 
  • Make sure the migration data tool does not launch automatically. 
  • Navigate to This PC and open Flash Drive
  • Then, double-click on the “Move_Quickbooks.bat” file. 
  • Enter the password you create before copying the files from the old computer. 
  • Tap “Let’s go.”
  • Wait for the tool to finish the process. The time of copying files will depend on your internet speed and the size of the data. 


Note: The data once transferred will be deleted automatically on your flash drive and not on your old computer. Hence, rename the files on your computer so you don’t get confused in the future. 


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Want to Transfer Quickbooks Manually 

Transferring QuickBooks manually can be a bit complex but following the steps below you can do that. 


  • First, do not miss on creating a backup for your security. 
  • Now, you have to uninstall the QuickBooks setup from your old computer. 
  • Then, download the QuickBooks installation files or use a CD. 
  • Keep the product key with you and whenever prompted enter it. 
  • After installing the QuickBooks, restore the backup on your new computer. 


Wrapping up!

Transferring data files from one computer to another is a bit challenging. However, the QuickBooks migration tool is similar to a great extent. Bit, always keep a backup of all files you transfer as an extra copy. Nonetheless, feel free to connect us if you have a query while configuring the migration tool or need any help.