QuickBooks Error H303 | How to Resolve?

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QuickBooks Error H303 is the common error that generally been taken place when additional information is required for the QuickBooks Company files. The actual reason behind the occurrence of this specific error code is, the company file which you trying to access might be located on another computer and the PC needs additional setup as well as installation. QuickBooks Error Code H303 means that something is blocking the QuickBooks multi-user connection to your server. In this blog, we will let you show how to eradicate such problems in a short span of time. So, just keep your eyes feast here!

Why does QuickBooks Error H303 Occur?

  1. Caused by damaged or wrong.ND file
  2. The company files hosted by the server may fault or cannot be acquired by the accounting software
  3. IP address of the computer system may not be assimilated by the accounting software
  4. Hosting Configuration Settings are inappropriate
  5. No initiation of QBCF Monitor or QuickBooks Database Server Manager Services
  6. The firewall blocks the communication process of the QuickBooks company files and hence cause such an error issue
  7. It arises due to improper computer network

Possible Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error H303

Go through the instructions listed beneath in order to cope-up Error H303 QuickBooks in the most relevant and efficacious manner. Let’s begin the process without any delay:

Solution 1: Download and Install QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is the free error detecting tool needs to download and install in operating device. Once you install this application, it automatically start running on your system for identifying the QuickBooks Error H303 and making it resolved at an instant. With this tool, you can effort-freely fix the QuickBooks error. If this doesn’t work, go to the next solution.

Solution 2: Verify QuickBooks Hosting Settings

You are needed to check your QuickBooks hosting settings whether they are correctly configured or not. Here is how to do so:

  1. First of all, launch QuickBooks on a computer system in multi-user mode
  2. Next, choose the Company Files on both computers
  3. Then, click on the “File” menu and select the options Utilities -> Stop Hosting Multi-User Configuration
  4. Turn on Hosting on any one of the selected computers. For this, go to File -> Utilities -> Host Multi-User Configuration
  5. In the end, restart your system and open QuickBooks again on both computers to check for the error.

Move to the next solution if the same error exists.

Solution 3: Change the Location of QuickBooks Folder

The default location where the QuickBooks folder is saved could also be the one possible reason for the appearance of QuickBooks Error H303. So, change the location once in terms of fixing it. Here is the guide for doing this:

  1. First, in Hosting computer, create a new folder
  2. Then, share and set the Windows access permissions so that you can share the company files
  3. Now, copy the “.qbw file” and paste it into the new folder
  4. Open your company files in multi-user mode to access it frequently

Solution 4: Adjust Firewall Settings

The following are the guides that let you reorganize your Firewall Settings. So, let’s perform the given steps accordingly:

  1. First and foremost, on your Windows Desktop, go to Control Panel and select “Firewall Settings” from the listed program
  2. Then, select the “Allow a program through the firewall” option
  3. Next, you have to add programs and add QuickBooks 20xx in the exception list
  4. Restart QuickBooks now to verify whether changes have been done completely or not

If the changed “firewall settings” doesn’t effective in solving the QuickBooks Error H303, then use another provided solution to fix it.

Solution 5: Check the Services on Your Server

Give assurance about your QuickBooks services that it is running on your server computer. Follow the below-noted points to check QuickbooksDBXX. Then repeat them for QBCFMonitorService as well. Let’s begin:

  1. First, open the Windows Start Menu on your server computer
  2. Now, type “Run” into the search to invoke the Run dialog box
  3. Type “services.msc” into the Run window, and hit the “Enter” key
  4. Search for “QuickBooksDBXX” on the given list and give double-tap on it. XX notes your version of QuickBooks
  5. Select “Automatic” for the Startup Type
  6. Make sure the Service status is either Running or Started. If it’s neither, select “Start”
  7. Select the “Recovery” tab
  8. Select Restart the Service from each of these drop-down menus: First failure, Second failure, and Subsequent failures
  9. Then, have to click the “Apply” and “OK” tab to save the changes
  10. Repeat these steps in the same way for QBCFMonitorService

Once you’re done, open QuickBooks on the bot computer system separately. Go to the File menu and select Switch to Multi-user Mode. If everything works fine, the problem is fixed now.

Connect With Tech-Savvy for QuickBooks Technical Support

We just hope that the above information is enough for you in making the QuickBooks Error H303 eradicate. In case, you are getting stuck at some point while executing the proffered guidelines, then immediately obtain the trustworthy QuickBooks Technical Support from well-qualified techies. They will help you in selecting the right way to solve your QuickBooks error. You will surely be grateful to them!