QuickBooks Error 6177 | How to Fix?

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QuickBooks Error 6177 is the one common error most users have reported that they encounter when attempting to open a company file. You will get an error message stating “QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file”. This basically means that QuickBooks couldn’t use the path for opening the Company file and hence throws QuickBooks Error Code 6177, 0 unexpectedly. To effectively get rid of this problem, make sure you have the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop. Furthermore, you also have to reboot your system and check if the error gets resolved. If still the error appears, read out the blog.  However, you can also take QuickBooks Help from our well-qualified technical engineers as they are highly experienced and proficient to deal with any technical error.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error 6177

One of the following reasons justify the inception of QuickBooks Error (-6177 0)

  1. Due to virus or malware infections
  2. If the file path or the file itself may get corrupted
  3. Accidently deletion of QuickBooks related system support files

QuickBooks Error Code 6177 doesn’t let you to access the Company file from your workstation, and the said messages keeps continuously popping-up in every try. It can be annoying that’s why, we have come-up with the universal solution.

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 6177

Give a try one of the following methods to easily sort out the error:

Method 1: Transfer the Company File to Local Hard Drive

Move the company file to your local system’s C drive with the help of the below-noted guidelines:

  1. First of all, go to the Company file in QB and then C: drive via server
  2. Now, you need to open the Company file using QuickBooks
  3. And then create a portable file and save it in the local C: drive
  4. Also, save the newly created portable file in the C drive.
  5. Afterward, close the Company file and restore the portable file by saving it to the server
  6. And then choose your company file and access it from your server

If the same error persists yet, proceed to the next solution.

Method 2: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

You may download QuickBooks File Doctor tool and run it to fix QuickBooks Error 6177. This tool diagnoses and rectifies mostly QuickBooks regarding error issues. So, you can use it once for resolving your error in an efficient way.

Method 3: Manually Resolve QuickBooks Error 6177

In some cases, solution 1 and solution 2 may not work. In that situation, you can try to manually fix the  Error 6177 QuickBooks. Follow the provided steps for this:

  • First of all, make sure that all the QuickBooks related files are closed
  • Now, you need to delete the automatically generated Network Descriptor (ND) file from your PC. The Network Descriptor file has .ND file extension and it will look similar to YourCompanyFileName.QBW.ND. You just have to place a right-click on this file and choose the “Delete” option
  • Organize your QuickBooks Database Manager
  1. First, click on the “Start” menu
  2. Go to the “Programs” section and click on “QuickBooks”
  3. Now, click on the “QuickBooks Database Manager
  4. For Windows 8 users, press the Windows key and search for QuickBooks Database Manager and then click on it
  5. Now, choose the “Add Folder” option
  6. Look for the folder in which you have stored the Company data files
  7. Click “OK”
  8. You can also choose to add more folders. Follow the above steps for adding more folders
  9. After selecting the folders, click on the “Scan” button
  10. Once the scan is done, close the window by clicking on “Cancel”
  • Verify that you have enough permission to access the Company File
  1. For sharing the files, you need to visit the Set up Folder Permissions web page and ensure that the permissions are configured properly
  2. In case, you want to set permission for QuickBooks, clear all the options and select the QB
  • Afterwards, open QuickBooks Company file via the local path
  • Files opened on the hosting system can lead to the QuickBooks Error 6177 and therefore, you need to ensure that the company file is located on the network:
  1. Open “My Computer”, and if you find your file in Network Devices or Network Locations, give a right-click on it and select the “Properties” option
  2. And then access the Company files via hard drive
  • Create another Folder
  1. Open “My Computer” by pressing the “Windows + E” keys simultaneously
  2. Double-click on C: drive and create a new folder
  3. Access the new data folder and copy the company files in the created folder

Optional Steps:

  1. Turn hosting off and back on
  2. Open the Company file through a local path
  3. Create a new folder

Take One-Stop QuickBooks Solution to Annihilate QuickBooks Error 6177

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