As the month ends, employees requesting the Pay Stubs is quite common in every company. A time consuming, yet not-ignorable task can now be accomplished using QuickBooks. You can print a pay stubs or email them directly to your employees using your QuickBooks payroll software itself. Your QuickBooks accounting software is loaded with default templates or layouts to print the pay stubs as and when needed.

The pay stubs print with your company’s name at the bottom along with the phone number and complete address. What’s more! Through QuickBooks desktop, you can simply shoot an email to the employee, attaching an encrypted & printable PDF file that opens with a unique password. Do you want to learn the easiest and quickest process to print the pay stubs? Scroll down to the bottom to learn different ways of printing pay stubs and making it work for you like many other QuickBooks users.


Verify your Printer Setup before Printing a Pay Stubs

  1. Launch QuickBooks and go to the File
  2. Click Printer setup in the drop-down list.
  3. Click Form name and click Check/Paycheck.
  4. Now go to the Settings tab and ensure that your printer’s name is chosen in the Print Name and Printer Type
  5. Also, select the 3 part checks under the Check Style
  6. Click Ok to confirm the settings.

Ways to Print a Pay Stubs from QuickBooks

Different ways are there to print pay stubs through QuickBooks. Choose any one of the below-given options.

Method 1: Print the Pay Stubs via QuickBooks desktop Reports Menu

  1. Open QuickBooks and click Reports on the left side menu.
  2. Click All and then select Payroll.
  3. On the Payroll drop-down list, select Paycheck list or search for the report name that you want to choose.
  4. Now you may select the Paycheck or Pay Stub that you want to print.
  5. Click Print to see the pay stub in PDF format.
  6. Now you may save the PDF file or print it right away.

Method 2: Print a Pay Stubs via QB Desktop File Menu

  1. Launch QuickBooks if it’s not open.
  2. Go to the File tab and select Print forms.
  3. Click Pay Stub and choose the payroll bank account.
  4. Now you may enter the date range for which you want to print the pay stub.
  5. Select the employee from the drop-down list and click the pay stub that you want to print.
  6. Now you may choose to see the print preview before printing the pay stubs.
  7. Go to the Preferences tab to see the employee information.
  8. Now click Print to print the pay stubs.

Method 3: Print Pay Stubs via Paycheck Window

  1. Navigate to the pay stub section on your QuickBooks desktop.
  2. Locate the Print icon on the top menu bar.
  3. Click Print and click Pay Stub.

Method 4: Print Pay Stubs as You Create Payroll

  1. First of all, you will need to process the scheduled/unscheduled payroll.
  2. Under the Enter payroll information window select Print paychecks on check stock.
  3. Click continue on the Review page information window.
  4. Next, Click Create paychecks or pay stubs.
  5. Click print pay stub or paycheck on the further screens.

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Facing trouble printing the pay stubs? Dial QuickBooks support number now!

We hope these four ways would be of much help to print a pay stubs. The steps are pretty easy to follow and can be completed in less time. If still, you face any trouble printing pay stubs then you should consider contacting the QuickBooks experts via QuickBooks contact number. Our technical support team is always available to assist you in hard times. Call us today!