QuickBooks Web Connector to Manage Web Applications

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QuickBooks Web Connector

Wondering what a QuickBooks web connector is? And why are QuickBooks users looking forward to it? Do you want to create a security layer between the third-party web server and your QuickBooks? Web connector QuickBooks is all you need!

The web connector is an admirable tool to connect QuickBooks to websites. It creates two-way communication between the QuickBooks and web applications, providing security on its access. 

How does it work? What are QuickBooks web connector downloading steps? And how to use the tool? We will discuss everything you need to know about the Web connector. 

QuickBooks Web Connector

Let’s get started!


What Exactly is the Intuit Quickbooks Web Connector?

The QuickBooks web connector is a Microsoft Windows application. It allows users to access QuickBooks information from third-party web applications. As a result, it saves the accounting people from having to create double entries in two different applications and save their time and energy. 

Further, it provides solutions for estimates, invoices, and other components of accounting essential for a business. 

The application is different from the QuickBooks desktop thus you need to set up a QuickBooks web connector on your system. On the other hand, QuickBooks Online packs a built-in feature. 


Why Web Connector a Smart Choice for Quickbooks Users?

The major application of web connector QuickBooks is in managing accounting work on web applications and Quickbooks. This is why it is most popular and preferred by QuickBooks users.

The web connector enables sharing of QB POS XML and GB XML with web applications and financial software.

It automates the changes between the web application and QuickBooks accounting software. When you create an entry, pay for a bill or make changes to the accounting records, it gets synced automatically with QuickBooks installed on your system or online. 

The web connector QuickBooks channelize the exchange of data by automatically opening the .qwb file. 

As listed by Intuit, more than 500 web applications are eligible and integrated with the Quickbooks desktop. Many are for managing payments with payment processors and others for providing industry-specific solutions such as manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, and others. 


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How to download and install QuickBooks web connector on QB desktop?

Web connector helps you set up and manage apps. You can access them in one place by setting up a QuickBooks web connector and installing it on your windows. 


Step 1: QuickBooks Web Connector Download

For QB web connector download, go straight with the steps below: 

  • To begin, download the installer
  • Then, tap right on the installer download to select Extract all. 
  • Now, right-click on the .exe file in the extracted folder and select Run as Administrator

As the QBWC downloads, run the .exe file. It will provide you with a .qwc file, then move to the next section for installing QBWC.


Step 2: Install Quickbooks Web Connector

Follow these steps to install the QBWC. 

  • Open the web connector window.
  • Navigate to Applications and select the web application you want to connect to. 
  • Then, head to the password section and enter the QuickBooks password (created in the web application). 
  • Moving forward, tap on the option Update. The exchange data will start running. 
  • Go back to relocate the web application. 
  • Then, tap the Next button on the web connector and the confirmation screen. 

 Once you are connected to the web application, a confirmation screen will appear. However, if something goes wrong, please check if Web connector Quickbooks version is compatible or not. 


Further, you can try other web connector versions from the list below: 

  • Version – 75.7 MB (79,446,404 bytes)
  • Version – 79.8 MB (83,754,544 bytes)
  • Version – 80.8 MB (84,742,144 bytes)
  • Version – 80.8 MB (84,742,144 bytes)
  • Version – 77.9 MB (81,743,872 bytes)
  • Version – 12.6 MB (13,231,104 bytes)
  • Version – 12.4 MB (13,058,048 bytes)


Step 3: Add the Web Application to Web connector Quickbooks

Moving with the steps to add the web application in QB Web Connector, always log in as the admin. Further, you can also connect the web application .qwc file to QuickBooks. 

  • Open QuickBooks and select File
  • Then, select the option Update Web Service.
  • Select Manage Web Apps
  • After that, select the Setup button next to the web application you want to set up. 
  • You will be redirected to the web application, and log in using your username and password. 
  • Then, select the tab Connect to Quickbooks on the application website. 
  • Launch the Quickbooks website and click Done on the confirmation screen to finish the setup.


Fix Error that Appears When Installing the Quickbooks Web Connector Tool

You may encounter an error when installing the QB web connector. In that situation, you can do one thing: uninstall the tool and reinstall it

  • Press Windows + R to launch the run dialog box. 
  • Then, type the control panel and hit the Ok button. 
  • Now, select the option Uninstall a program.
  • Locate the web connector and select the uninstall button. 
      • Can’t find the Web connector Quickbooks, remove these QBWebconnector folders following the locations below: 
        • C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\ or,
        • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\


Disable Quickbooks Web Application Connector

Lastly, if you want to stop using the web application for QuickBooks purposes, you can disable it. 

Here is how you can disable the Web connector Quickbooks: 

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Select the option All Programs.
  • Then, tap on the startup tab and select QuickBooks. 
  • Now, right- tap on the option Exchange Data with Web Series. 
  • Then tap Delete
  • Lastly, tap Yes to disable the web connector in QuickBooks. 


Summing up!

Following the information above, you should have understood the importance of the QuickBooks web connector. It can help you manage multiple apps and help you maintain records. Hence, you can easily access your QuickBooks file anywhere, anytime. However, if you face any issues in accessing the tool or need an expert suggestion, feel free to contact us.