Fix Company File is Missing or Cannot Be Found in QuickBooks

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Company File Is Missing or Cannot Be Found in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is financial accounting software manages everything from your company’s account receivables to electronic bank transfers. The application stores your company’s finances and related data in a single frame ending with the extension .QBW. You may get error message Company File is Missing or Cannot Be Found when QBW file is moved to a different location on the computer. If you recently update your QuickBooks with the newest version, then you can import your company file into it. You can also access, copy and move your QuickBooks .QBW file for backup purposes, so that if QuickBooks is broken for any reason the company file will be safe and secured. But what to do when you try to open Company file in QuickBooks and it is missing. At that point, instead of wagging off, take QuickBooks Online Help from the well-educated and qualified technicians.

Company File Is Missing or Cannot Be Found in QuickBooks

Reasons of Company File is Missing or Cannot Be Found in QuickBooks

Following are the various reasons due to which you can come across with such kind of trouble. Take a look at below:

  • The path of .QBW file might be changed when the file is moved to a different location on the computer
  • The file has been deleted unknowingly from the local or network storage
  • There should be a network connectivity issues when using QuickBooks in Multi-user mode
  • Due to selecting the wrong option to open such a particular file

Solutions to Fix Company File is Missing or Cannot Be Found in QuickBooks

Here are the multiple ways by which you can easily fix Company file is missing type of issue. Go through each solution until you get the error resolved from the root. Have a glance:

Solution 1: Verify Network Connectivity

  • Press the “Windows + R” keys simultaneously on your keyboard. Doing this Run dialog box will open. Type “CMD” into that box and hit “Enter” to open the command prompt window
  • In the next step, type ipconfig/all and press “Enter”
  • Now, note down the Server Names
  • Now type Ping and the name of your server in the next window and then hit “Enter” key
  • If you get any packet loss, then this indicates that there are issues with your network connection and you must use QuickBooks File Doctor To eradicate network connectivity issues

Solution 2: Locate the QuickBooks Company File

If you are accessing the file over a network, then follow the given steps on the server that stores the company file and if the file is located on local computer, then perform the given steps on the same computer. Let’s start:

  • Use the Windows search feature to search the file type
  • Tap on “Windows Start” button and type the extension of the company file, followed by an Asterisk sign (*) in the Search Programs and Files search box
  • Once you find that file, give a right-click on it and select “Open File Location” button
  • Now open the file from the correct location to disappear the error message QuickBooks file is missing

Solution 3: Choose the Correct Way to Open Your File in QuickBooks

Always try to open the file in a correct way depending on the type of your QuickBooks file. Follow the given points to open the company file:

  • Open A Backup File
  1. Go to the “File” menu and then select “Open or Restore Company”
  2. After that, choose the option “Restore a Backup File” and the click “Next”
  3. Browse the QuickBooks backup file with .qbb extension
  4. Choose the company file and then click “Next” to successfully open the backup file
  • Open the Company File
  1. Click “Open or Restore Company” from the File tab
  2. Click “Open a Company File” and then click “Next”
  3. Browse the company file with .qbw extension and then select “Open”
  • Open an Accountants Copy Transfer File
  1. Go to the “File” tab and choose the option “Open or Restore a Company”
  2. Select the “Convert an Accountant’s Copy Transfer File” and then hit “Next”
  3. Press “Next” on the “What the Accountant’s Copy Can and Can’t Do” window
  4. Select the specific file with .qbx extension and then tap “Open”
  5. Now save the file on your computer by selecting “Save”

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