How to Crack QuickBooks Desktop Admin Password with Easy Steps?

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When it comes to managing the accounts and finances, you would never want to compromise with data security. However, cybercriminals always keep an eye on weak security junctions to fulfill their bad desires. Hence, there is an evident need for the users to know the process to retrieve or crack QuickBooks desktop admin password, whenever a breach of security happens. Besides, kicking the face of cybercriminals, resetting the QuickBooks password will help you strengthen the data security so that you can resume managing your business finances with utter confidence. Well, before learning the steps to crack or retrieve the QuickBooks desktop admin password, let me tell you some pro tips to create a strong, really strong QuickBooks admin password.


Tips to prevent someone else from cracking your QuickBooks desktop admin password 

If you are new to QuickBooks desktop or changing the password for the first time, then these hacks will really help you to form a strong password so that no one else (except you) can crack it ever in a lifetime.

  1. Create a password with a minimum of seven characters.
  2. Always use at least one numeric character in the password.
  3. Make sure it has at least one letter in Uppercase.
  4. Ensure no spacing in between the characters.
  5. Try to add at least one special character in the password.
  6. Don’t include your date of birth or any personal information in your password as it is easy to guess and crack.
  7. Please note that the password you have just created iscase sensitive, so always check for the CapsLock key off/on while entering the password.
  8. Don’t log in to your QuickBooks desktop account from a public device.
  9. Make sure not to share your login credentials with anyone whom you don’t trust.

Despite following these instructions, if still, you feel that there is a need to crack QuickBooks desktop admin password, then you can navigate to the login page and click the Forgot Password option to retrieve your QuickBooks desktop password. Additionally, you may try the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool whose complete overview is there in the next session.

Quick steps to crack QuickBooks desktop admin password

As per the 90 days, password reset policy of QuickBooks, the users should change the password every three months to avoid security threats. QuickBooks keeps reminding you through regular notifications for password reset and the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool comes in very handy to retrieve the lost admin password. Let’s begin with the tool itself.

Step 1: Crack the QB desktop admin password through QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

Here are the steps that you need to take to use QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool.

  1. First and foremost, you will need to download the QuickBooks automated password reset tool from the QuickBooks support website.
  2. Now you need to choose the QuickBooks version. Make sure to select the one that you had used to open the company file.
  3. Enter your QuickBooks license number and the required business information.
  4. Click next to proceed further.
  5. Now accept the license agreement.
  6. The notification message might appear on the screen saying the details you have entered are incorrect or do not match as per Intuit records. It could be the user name, email address, mailing address, license number, or phone number. If you are stuck at this stage, then choose Save and store the tool on your computer to use later on.
  7. However, if you skip through the previous steps then you will need to click the Run automated password tool.
  8. You might have received a token number, that you need to put in the desired field.
  9. Again choose the QuickBooks version that you have chosen before.
  10. Select the option Browse company file and locate the company file that needs a password reset.
  11. Create a new password and reconfirm.
  12. Finally, click the Reset password button and exit

If still facing the problem even after using the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool, then use a new password to login to your company file. Or head over to the next step to try another step.

Step 2: Crack QuickBooks admin password by answering the security question

Just like any other program, QuickBooks also offers you to reset the password using Forgot My Password option. Here are the steps that need to be followed.

  1. Open the QuickBooks desktop login page.
  2. Enter your username and click the “I forgot my password” link in blue color.
  3. Now you will need to answer the security question that you have preset while creating your account with QuickBooks desktop.
  4. Answer the question right.
  5. After that, you will see a notification saying “Your password and challenge answer has been removed and your company files are no more password-protected”.
  6. Once the window closes, you will need to generate a new password and set a new security question.

While generating a new password, the user needs to make sure that the password length is a minimum of seven characters, use at least one upper case letter, and include a special character along with a number in the password. Also, make sure to avoid any space in the password.

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Facing a security breach in QuickBooks? Talk to the experts now

Hopefully, these steps would have resolved your query that you were looking for. Once you followed all these steps you will be able to crack QuickBooks desktop admin password quickly and securely. Taking these measures won’t allow any cybercriminals to burgle QuickBooks desktop account or breach the security protocol. If still, you have any doubt about retrieving or cracking your QuickBooks password then you should contact QuickBooks desktop support. Our services are available 24/7 for our esteemed clients. Contact us now and let us fix the problem for you.