How to Remove QuickBooks Error OL 203?

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Unfortunately, being software nice and awesome, some errors too can be occurred randomly when using QuickBooks. When we talk about the issue QuickBooks Error OL 203, then let you inform you that this usually happens while setting up Online Banking in QuickBooks Desktop. Don’t panic! If you are not skilled to disappear such an error code from QuickBooks, as we have shared the best possible troubleshooting guidelines in this blog. So, when you walk through the instructions, you can effort-freely annihilate this problematic hurdle.


Why QuickBooks Error OL 203 Happens?

Here are the possible reasons due to which you can come across this kind of problem. Take a look:

  • A trouble having at your bank or Financial Institution
  1. It might be the critical alerts that has to be recognized once logging into Online Banking directly on the bank’s website
  2. There could be changes made or the bank have modified their service offerings, Web Connect or Direct Connect
  3. They may have alteration to their name that needs to refresh the changes in QuickBooks
  4. The bank account accessing in online banking in QuickBooks may be inactive
  5. Their servers may be down
  • Due to internet connectivity issue, this error code appears
  • Because of using an outdated QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks company file may create a problem
  • A problem with the download or imports format

Effectual Guidance for Resolving QuickBooks Error Code OL 203

Go to the instructions noted underneath and follow the same accordingly to get the error code OL 203 eradicated in a couple of second. Let’s begin:

Solution 1: Make the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol Enable

Perform the given steps one-by-one to quick enable TLS 1.2:

  1. First, open the Internet Explorer on your Windows and make sure the latest version is installed
  2. Then, give a hit on the “Gear” icon from the upper-right corner of the Internet Explorer
  3. Now, go to the “Internet” option and open the “Advanced” tab
  4. Find the Security section by scrolling down
  5. Now, un-check the box to the option “Use TLS 1.0” and give a check in “Use TLS 1.2”
  6. After doing that, tap “Apply” and then hit “OK” to save the changes finally
  7. Now, close all the open programs
  8. Restart your computer

If you yet receive the same error code, then continue to the next solution.

Solution 2: Create A New Test Company File

Creating a new company file helps you in fixing this problem. So, let’s do it by following steps:

  1. First, go to the QuickBooks “File” menu and then choose “New Company” > “Express Start”
  2. Now, add the bank account which was having issues and then set it up for bank feeds
  3. After that, download Bank Feed Transactions to test the bank account

If you receive the same error message, then this confirms that there is a problem at your bank account, so contact your bank or financial institution to fix the problem. But if you do not receive any error message, then it was not your bank creating the problem. Go ahead with the next provided solution.

Solution 3: Deactivate All the Accounts That Are Using Online Services

Deactivation process may take a while to complete if you have immense accounts and all are using online banking services. Follow the below points to deactivate the accounts:

  1. First, go to the “Chart of Accounts” section which is at the bottom of the window and the Include Inactive checkbox
  2. Next step is, deactivate the Bank Feeds for an inactive account
  3. Now, close the file and then re-open it
  4. Set up each account one-after-another for Bank Feeds again

Take Online QuickBooks Help to Sort Out OL-203 QuickBooks Error

Contact to our top-most qualified engineer in case the aforementioned solutions are not helpful in terminating the QuickBooks Error OL 203. Once you get united with them through phone call you will get cost-effective Online QuickBooks Help for your problem. In a short span of time the issue gets resolved as they are experienced and talented.