QuickBooks Error 12157 | Fix with Verified Solution

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Experiencing QuickBooks Error 12157 and don’t know what to do? You’ve come to the right place. QuickBooks Error 12157 usually occurs due to internet issues on Windows PC especially those with WinInet API. The WinInet API or Microsoft Win32 Internet helps QuickBooks get access to various internet protocols like FTP, HTTP, or Gopher. QuickBooks users usually experience this error while updating their QB software which can be fixed using the procedures mentioned in this blog.


What does QuickBooks Error 12157 Mean?

QuickBooks error 12157 is a part of QB error 12XXX that happens due to connectivity issues with your Windows device.  QuickBooks uses WinInet API to run internet protocols like HTTP, FTP, and Gopher easily. Thus, the error occurs when there’s something wrong with WinInetAPI aka Microsoft Win32. This is the reason, the QuickBooks error 12157 occurs when you are either downloading or setting up the latest updates of your QB software. Some other reasons that can trigger this error are mentioned below:

  1. The date and time settings of your computer are not correct.
  2. Some third-party applications, especially Antiviruses, internet security, or your system’s inbuilt firewall is interfering with QuickBooks.
  3. You have multiple versions of QuickBooks installed on your device.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12157?

Depending on the cause, there are various solutions that you can use to fix the QuickBooks error. But before you get started with the troubleshooting, you must update your QuickBooks software to the latest version available. If you can’t update the software or still face the error, then use the below methods to troubleshoot the error.

Step 1: Adjust Your System’s Date and Time Settings

If the data and time on your computer are incorrect, then you can experience QuickBooks Error 12157. To fix the error, you can simply adjust the date and time settings on your PC using the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the left corner of your system’s taskbar where the time and date are displayed. This will open a menu from which you need to click on the Adjust Date/Time option.
  2. Click on the Change date and time option. If the selected time zone is also incorrect then correct it too.
  3. Once, you have set the time correctly, click on Ok to apply the changes.
  4. After that, you are required to close any QuickBooks file open on your system and then reopen it.
  5. Try updating the software once again and see if any error or issue occurs this time. If the problem persists, then follow the rest of the troubleshooting methods.

Step 2: Perform a System Restore

Most of the issues, whether it is some error occurring with QuickBooks or with any other application or your PC, can be fixed by restoring your computer. To perform a system restore on your Windows PC, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the Start icon on the bottom right corner of your PC and then log in to your PC with the Admin account.
  2. Select the Start to catch option and then select all applications, accessories, computer tools.
  3. Now click on the System Repair option.
  4. Select the open new window option and then choose Re install my PC.
  5. Hit Next, and select a Restore point.
  6. Once again click Next and then click on the Advanced system to restore the point.
  7. Again on the confirmation window, hit Next and then click on the Reboot system option.

Once your system is rebooted and all the applications are loaded, launch QuickBooks and try updating it. If you didn’t face the QuickBooks Error 12157, then congratulations otherwise, good luck with the remaining troubleshoots.

Step 3: Correct the QuickBooks Internet Connection Settings

One of the primary reasons that cause such an error with your QuickBooks is faulty internet settings on QuickBooks. To fix this issue, you can follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you need to launch QuickBooks on your device and the go-to help menu.
  2. Now select the Internet Connection Setup option and then click on Use my computer’s internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the internet.
  3. Hit next and click on the Advanced connection settings option.
  4. Select the Advanced tab and click on restore advanced settings.
  5. Click on Ok and then click Done to finish the setup.

Go back to QuickBooks and check if you are still experiencing the error. If the software is already open then you must close it first and relaunch it.

Step 4: Add QuickBooks as an Exception to Your System’s Firewall

If your internet security or firewall settings are not configured correctly, then it can lead to QuickBooks error 12157. To fix the issue, you should first check if the port 80 and 443 is active on your device or not. Moreover, you can add some of the important QuickBooks files to your firewall settings to ensure that your QB software works smoothly.

Given below are the QuickBooks files that you need to add as an exception in firewall or internet security.

  1. QBDBMgrN.exe
  2. QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
  3. QBDBMgr.exe
  4. QBGDSPlugin.exe
  5. FileManagement.exe
  6. QBLaunch.exe
  7. AutoBackupExe.exe
  8. DGManagement.exe
  9. QBW32.exe
  10. Dbmlsync.exe
  11. QBCMonitorService.exe
  12. DBManagerExe.exe
  13. IntuitSyncManager.exe
  14. FileMovementExe.exe


We hope you have successfully fixed QuickBooks Error 12157 and now able to update your QB software. Moreover, you can also get help from our QuickBooks Technical Support Experts and let them fix your QB software instead. To get assistance, dial our helpline number or chat with our agents online. You can reach us for any issue or error that you might be facing with your QuickBooks and get it resolved within a wink.