QuickBooks Update Server not responding error appears when you try to download a payroll updates which is also known as error 15215. It is caused due to a conflict with another application running in the background.

The application might be a program that requires a lot of bandwidth which doesn’t let QuickBooks desktop payroll connect with the server. You might also face it if a firewall or a firewall setting blocks the connection between the server and desktop payroll.

If the download gets corrupted or the setup isn’t done properly then QuickBooks Update Server not responding error is bound to happen. Make sure that you have a proper internet connection as well.

If you are sure that everything is in order and you have checked the firewall settings then don’t worry, you may also take QuickBooks Update Help from experts


Symptoms of QuickBooks Update Server not responding error

If you are not sure whether you are experiencing QuickBooks Update Server not responding error or not the best way is to know its symptoms and then look for a solution. The symptoms are:

  1. Your entire application keeps on crashing again and again
  2. Your system corrupts with Error 15215 even when it runs the same program
  3. You will see ‘Error 15215: Unable to verify digital signature’ on your screen
  4. You will see how your system and slowed down over time and fails to respond to your commands as well
  5. Your system freezes out of the blue

Ways to Fix QuickBooks Update Server not responding error

If you are facing QuickBooks Update Server not responding error then follow these methods stated below to resolve it quickly.

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks manually

  1. Launch QuickBooks and go to ‘Help’
  2. Find ‘Update QuickBooks’, click on ‘Options’ and then select ‘Mark All’
  3. Click on ‘Update now’ and then tick mark the box which says ‘Reset Update’
  4. Click on ‘Get Updates’ and restart QuickBooks for the updates to take place

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks as Window’s Administrator

  1. First of all, make sure that QuickBooks desktop program is closed
  2. Right click on the desktop icon on your home screen
  3. Select ‘Run as administrator’
  4. If it asks ‘Would you want to let this program to make modifications to your own computer?’ then click on ‘Yes’

Solution 3: See whether Use TLS 1.0 is checked and Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 are unchecked

  1. Firstly, close QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Then open Internet Explorer
  3. Click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Internet Options’
  4. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab
  5. Under Settings, go to the options which say ‘Use TLS 1.0’, ‘Use TLS 1.1’ and ‘Use TLS 1.2’  
  6. Check whether ‘Use TLS 1.0’ is checked or not and if not, check it
  7. Make sure that ‘Use TLS 1.1’ and ‘Use TLS 1.2’ are not checked
  8. Click on ‘OK’ to close the window.
  9. Close Internet Explorer and reboot your system
  10. When your system restarts, open QuickBooks Desktop
  11. Try to download the update again and see if the error is fixed or not

Solution 4: Start your windows in ‘Selective Startup’

  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Open ‘Run’ on your system
  3. In the Run field, enter ‘msconfig’ and then click ‘OK’
  4. You will see a window with ‘System Configuration Utility’
  5. Choose ‘Selective Startup’ and clear the ‘Load Startup Items’ checkbox
  6. Click on ‘OK’ to save changes
  7. Restart your computer once you are done
  8. After the computer has restarted, reopen QuickBooks and download the latest tax table
  9. If you are able to download the update without any problem then follow steps the above steps to go back to the ‘System Configuration Utility’
  10. Select the ‘Normal Startup’ box and click on ‘OK’
  11. Restart the computer for the effects to take place

Further Contact Experts for QuickBooks Help

The above steps will help you to fix QuickBooks Update Server not responding error in no timeHowever, if you still face any problem then feel free to get in touch with QuickBooks update help and we will help you with the best of our knowledge and expertise.