QuickBooks Error 3140 pops up when there is any issue in the syncing of data, when downloading process of QuickBooks has corrupted itself or due to infected files. Since it is just software, users cannot stop an error to occur inside it. We are discussing some reliable tips and tricks to fix error code 3140. You can also contact QuickBooks Helpdesk Number to get help from certified experts.

Before knowing about the solutions to this error code 3140, users need to know about the reasons behind the error in QuickBooks. Because if you know the causes of error then it will be helpful for you to correct the error, as well as save your time.


Causes of QuickBooks Error 3140:

  1. The error may occur in the QuickBooks due to incomplete installation of QuickBooks.
  2. The corrupt download can also lead this error to occur.
  3. When your Windows registry gets damaged due to some anonymous changes in QB.
  4. If any virus or malware has attacked your QuickBooks.
  5. When the QB company file got deleted mistakenly.

The above-mentioned are the common reasons behind this 3140 QuickBooks error. Now you can fix this issue according to the causes. So let’s proceed to the solutions.

How does error 3140 can affect your work?

This technical glitch gives birth to various problems and these problems affect the whole system.

  1. It may slow down your computer.
  2. Maybe your active window continues to crash again and again.
  3. An error pop-up box will appear on your screen and close your system.
  4. You won’t be able to use your QuickBooks, this can affect your account maintenance.
  5. Mouse cursor and keyboard commands appear late on the system.
  6. Sometimes the system freezes for a few seconds.

Steps to resolve the Error 3140 in QuickBooks

Solution 1: Virus Attack Scan

  1. Virus or malware is the most common reason that makes this error occur and fail QB to perform normally.
  2. Therefore you need to run the virus scan software.
  3. Run the scan for the whole system
  4. If there is an attack by the virus or malware, then the software will try to solve it.
  5. Remove the malicious programs from your device if you have any.

Solution 2: Clean the system with Disk Cleanup

Sometimes due to storage of the unnecessary files and folders so much space got occupied. While suffering the internet cookies and caches get stored which might result in QuickBooks to perform slowly. Therefore, you need to get rid of these files, so follow the below steps to clear such things.

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Type Command
  3. Now hold Ctrl + Shift on the keyboard and hit Enter.
  4. Now click Yes, when you see a pop-up Dialogue box.
  5. A black box would appear with a blinking cursor, type “cleanmgr” and press Enter.
  6. By this, Disk Clean will start its process and verify all the space you can recover by cleaning the unwanted files.
  7. The Disk Cleanup dialogue box will appear with the Checkboxes and you have to select the checkboxes that you like to clean.
  8. Now click OK.

Through this, so much space will be recovered on your computer. Hence, this step could help you in solving the error 3140 in your QuickBooks.

Solution 3: PC Device Drivers

Regularly updating your PC and other software keep the whole system healthy. Therefore, check if there is any new update is available, as this will also solve 3140 errors in your QB. Update the drivers with the help of DriverDoc. It will update all the PC Device Drivers and this would help immensely to fix error code 3140.

You can also try updating the Windows, maybe there is any latest update that your system has missed.

Solution 4: Uninstall and Reinstall the QuickBooks

When nothing works, you should uninstall the QB and then reinstall it. Open the Control Panel in your computer and select the QB setup files and uninstall. Then go to the downloaded setup, and open the file. Now follow the on-screen instruction and Install. After the process is completed click on Finish.

Wait until the installation process gets complete and remember, do not disturb it while processing. It may corrupt your QuickBooks file.

Now restart your computer and wait for 60 seconds, then open the QuickBooks again and check if the error continues to trouble you. If yes, then contact the QuickBooks experts to get instant solution.

Contact QuickBooks Helpdesk to Grab Support

If you are unable to apply the given steps in a correct way then get help from experts. Techies will help you to resolve QuickBooks Error 3140 in an easy way and immediately. A team of technical experts available round the clock to help customers.