There are different error codes that may appear during QuickBooks installation process. One most common problem usually be facing by the users during installation is QuickBooks Error 1303. When you experience such an error, the message “Error 1303: Installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory. “C:\…\Intuit” will be displayed on the screen. Though, this may happen if neither the ‘SYSTEM’ group nor the ‘Everyone’ group having Full Control privileges for the directory mentioned in the error message. To handle this problem in QuickBooks, one has skilled and proficiency, so if feel that you can’t troubleshoot it, feel free to obtain QuickBooks Online Support as it is reliable and cost-effective. The top-most techies will assist you step-by-step to exterminate this particular error. Hence, let’s try!


Causes for QuickBooks Error 1303

The Error 1303 in QuickBooks pops-up due to following reasons:

  1. If the computer system doesn’t have sufficient amount of space in their driver to save the installer file
  2. Due to technical error arisen with QB installation
  3. Settings for Windows file sharing are not configured appropriately
  4. In case, there are no full control privileges for the system group or the noted directory

Troubleshooting Guides to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 1303

Take a brief look at the given instructions and try out each one accordingly to get the QuickBooks Error 1303 Code dissolved at an instant and can frequently install the program:

Solution 1: Adjust Permission for Folders

There are few steps you should give a try to change the permission for proper folders. To manually change it you must have full control over your system and everyone group for the folder C:\Documents and Settings \ All Users. Follow the provided procedures:

  1. In the first process, you have to press the Windows + R keys at the same time on your keyboard to open the Run dialogue box
  2. Once the Run window appears, type C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES\ in the box and then hit “OK” button
  3. A Folder will open-up on the screen
  4. Tap “Organize” option
  5. After that, go to “Properties” and then choose “Security” button
  6. Now, open the Advanced tab and click on “Edit” option
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of permission entries list and double-tap on “System user” to select Full Control
  8. Now, choose “Allow” and tap “OK”
  9. For group access, do the same procedure and give full access
  10. After completing this, check the box besides the option “Replace all existing permission for all with permissions from this object”
  11. And then tap “OK” on the both advanced security window and Common file window
  12. Install QuickBooks to check the error resolves or not

Continue to the next solution if yet the QuickBooks installation error 1303 persists.

Solution 2: Disable System File Sharing

  1. Press ‘Windows + R’ keys at the same time from your keyboard to open the Run window
  2. Copy and paste RunDII32.exe shell32.dll, Options_RunDLL 0 in the run dialogue box
  3. And then hit “Enter”
  4. On the View tab, scroll down to the bottom of the list of Advanced Settings
  5. Uncheck the box besides the option “Use simple file sharing”
  6. Now, tap “OK”

Start installing again QuickBooks desktop. If the same error code still occurs, try out the next solution method.

Solution 3: Run the Utility

QuickBooks offers a Utility that has been created for resetting the System group and everyone group permission settings reverse to Windows default settings with some simple steps, which are listed below:

  1. Go to the link – PermissionsFix.bat
  2. Save this file on the desktop
  3. Double-click on the icon of this file
  4. Doing this, a DOS window will get displayed
  5. Type “y” to start resetting permissions process for the folders that are affected. Before typing ‘y’ make sure the Caps Lock is turned off
  6. Now, run the file and then exit from DOS window by hitting any key on keyboard
  7. Once the process completes, insert CD to start again QB installation

Use QuickBooks Online Support for One-Stop Remedy

Don’t get annoyed! If you have tried all the aforementioned troubleshooting methods and yet the QuickBooks Error 1303 is not eradicated as there are well-educated engineers working for your help. You only have to put a ring at 24/7 helpline number and obtain QuickBooks Online Support to get rid of your problem instantly.