For many years, QuickBooks has been the pioneer in the accounting solutions for all size businesses all around the globe. Spread like a wildfire, this software is admired by many users for effortlessly managing accounting tasks. We are going discus about QuickBooks error 3371. There are 3 main factors that have played a major role to make to widely loveable software are:

  1. Security
  2. Accuracy
  3. Credibility

Due to these three factors, the QuickBooks software is much loved among the business leaders.

However, no software or application is free from any loopholes. This is the same case with the QuickBooks as it also throws some errors. One of the challenging one is QuickBooks error 3371. So, with the QuickBooks Support let’s discuss this QuickBooks error 3371 in brief. Moreover, you will the appropriate resolutions to tackle down this error on your own.

Fix QuickBooks Error 3371

How QuickBooks Error 3371 takes place?

If you try to run QuickBooks right after the reconfiguration of system is carried out, then there is possibility that you might see QuickBooks Error 3371. Also, when you clone your hard drive and launch QuickBooks, then you also come across this error. Whenever this error takes place, you can’t do anything except for pressing OK button.

What are the reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 3371?

When the QuickBooks is installed on your computer, then license information related to this software is also stored on your hard drive. Once this information gets corrupted, then you have to face QuickBooks error 3371.

Look at the appropriate solution for resolving QuickBooks Error 3371

This error is troubling so many users all over the world. It is usually caused by a damaged or missing file. This error can also crop up when you haven’t installed the latest OS updates. Well, now you don’t have to take tension, because by following the below noted points you can easily eliminate this error.

Follow the Procedure to get rid of this error

For Windows XP Users

  • In the RUN dialogue box type the path of your QuickBooks File.
  • Look for your entitlement file on your documents as well as in the program folder.
  • From the file menu, go to the settings options and fix the property of AllUsersApplication DataIntuitEntitlement. After that, click on OK.
  • At here, you can either delete or rename the entitlement file whatever you wish.

For Windows 7 Users

  • Open C: ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv.
  • Here, you just need to rename the Entitlement file.
  • After that, your QuickBooks tool will automatically create a new one when you start the Application again.
  • Now, launch QuickBooks and check for error 3371. Hopefully, the issue should be taken care of now.

If the error still continues to show, then you should try out the expert’s method to get rid of this nasty error.

Learn to fix this error in an expert’s way

When all above mentioned steps will do no good for you, then you need to follow the troubleshooting method that is noted specifically to resolve the QuickBooks Error 3371.

  • Open the Run command by pressing the Window + R button.
  • In the run command you have to enter the path of the intuit entitlement file.
  • From the opened windows explorer window, you need to look and access the entitlement file.
  • Once you found it then simply delete it by clicking on the delete button.
  • Now, you need to go back to the desktop and re-start your QuickBooks software.
  • One thing you need to make sure is that, your installed version of QuickBooks must be the latest one.

After performing all the steps, you are good to go and you will not see QuickBooks error 3371 within your system. In case, if you need some additional support to understand these steps, then feel free to dial QuickBooks Support Number. Here, you will get the chance to meet with the ingenious professionals and with their guidance you can understand whatever you need to know more about this error.