Do you wish to update a newer version of QuickBooks for windows? Well here is the thing that you need to know to get the QuickBooks update easily. You can directly download these updates from the internet. You also have known about these updates as maintenance releases or patches. These updates improve the performance of QuickBooks and also fix the known problems automatically. All of these updates are free for product releases. To know about how to update a newer version of QuickBooks help for windows, you can also make a call at QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number and update it swiftly. Else, we have mentioned some easy steps by which you can easily update the latest version of QuickBooks for windows.

Ways To Update QuickBooks In Windows:

There are some ways by which you can easily download the update from internet. Once downloading of all the updates is completed, QuickBooks help automatically displays notification to install the updates. If you want update to take effect immediately, then you need to close your QuickBooks and then restart it.

Automatic Update Method

In this method, QuickBooks automatically checks the server of intuit for new updates. Also, it will automatically download the updates when you are not using your internet. There is a default settings on QuickBooks, if the update is available then it will automatically download it from the intuit server, whether the software is running or not. If you don’t want to update your software, you can disable the automatic update option otherwise it will continue downloading updates automatically.

If the above method is not working properly and you still face the problem with the automatic update, then apply the next process given below.

Immediate Update Method

The best part of immediate update method is that you can instantly download the update from the Intuit server on your computer. It doesn’t matter whether QuickBooks is running in your system or not. With the help of this option you can immediately download the updates at any time even if automatic update is enabled in QuickBooks. After the complete installation of updates, you need to restart your computer once.

Release Download

If both of the above mentioned methods are not useful for you, then you can download and install available updates from the Intuit released download. One more thing you need to make sure that update all copies of QuickBooks if you are using multiple copies of QuickBooks. If you didn’t do this, then you may face some problem while opening company file or maybe you can’t open company file at all.

Learn To Download Updates In QuickBooks Pro And Premier For Multi-User Mode

You have to install the updates for QuickBooks pro or premier in multi-user mode on each computer you are using. You can download the updates and install in your entire systems by connecting all of them with internet or you can share it with network after downloading in one system.

Now, look at the steps to upgrade new QuickBooks Desktop

  • Tap on the new version of QuickBooks desktop.
  • Click on the file menu, then choose open or restore the company.
  • Tap on the company file and then next.
  • Highlight your data file and click on Open.
  • If company file window appears, then check the box to signify and then update now.
  • Once your company file gets updated then open the newer version of QuickBooks. Select yes, when prompted do you want to continue.


After applying these simple if you are still not able to update a newer version of QuickBooks for windows, then we suggest you to dial QuickBooks Phone Number at once. Whenever you put a call on this number, you immediately get connected with deft experts, who will give you the proper suggestions to update QuickBooks.